Power and poetry, both are opposite to each other, power is related to wealth, physical strength or political power. Poetry has to stand in front of power, and ask questions. The question is, who gives power to poet or poetry to stand in front of the power? Does the pen carry that power? Can words burn like wood and give light to others? We don’t know, but in Rigveda and Atharvaveda, the word or VAK is the supreme power. In the Athervaveda, the first hymn starts with the prayer to Vak, the power of word. In Indian philosophy “shabd” is called “brahma”. The science also talks about Big Bang theory.

So, every word has some meaning and it has some effect also. But, one has to learn that they should be used with care. Poetry teaches the manner of using words powerfully. Again one has to be careful that words should be used in powerful manner without imposing himself as a powerful person. Poet has to remain hidden behind the words. And also words should have some motive. It could be any thing; it does not mean, one should write only on the social problems, (as it happens in Social media, one death gives birth to many poetry).

Man should come out of his own surroundings and think about other elements of nature, like grass and grasshopper, trees and nests on it, ants and the honey bees, and the unlimited things around us. Every element has some purpose in this world; an ecology includes everything.

A poet, an artist, a painter can communicate or understand each element. That is why, his words reach to the universe. But this quality enhances his responsibilities towards the universe.

Science has the ability to understand the earth, universe, nature and human or animal’s body, but inner meaning of them is understood by philosophy and poetry.
Do we know the power of poetry? Or we take poetry as an ornamental entity? We hardly find a poet, who is a fulltime poet because poetry does not give money. It's natural, if poetry starts to earn money, it will convert into a business, and incapable people will run after it.

So, if poetry does not have the power or money, then why do people want to be poets? In reality, poets are not created, they are born. They are soft hearted and more sensible than other people.

Many times, I was asked to go for meditation for mental peace, but I always query, what is mental peace? Is it a capacity of not feeling any emotion? And if I am not able to feel pain or sorrow, how can I write poetry? How can I understand that the trees of Amaltas would be crying at the time of vishu , or yellow leaves on the ground are the tear drops of tree in the autumn. For me emotions are more important than peace, which give an artificial peace.

I would appeal poetry to connect our souls without any kind of walls of languages, countries or nature. Then poetry is “shabd brahma”. The supreme power..

Artist of this issue is Shilpa Madhumanguesh Nasnolkar , who is an established artist. I was impressed by her work, because of variety of expressions and faces. the face of human is most interesting and but mostly we want to bring in art the beautiful side of it. Shilpa is not worried about traditional beauty, she gives importance to the expressions.

with best wishes


Rati Saxena



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