Dr Raji Menon


16+32 lines
on our future.


Where and when in time am I ! why here and now ,
Popular myth called religion still reigns blasť
We are all mystified stupefied groping in the dark,
Dogma is a poor story and itís not my story.

Like the hunter gatherer of old with none to show the path,
Entering the forest with trodden paths a hundred,
His experiences canít be codified or factored to social communication ,
Scientific research is in paradigm shift radically changing contemporary perspective.

You can agree or disagree to agree , you can repulse,
Be baffled or be in doubt and total refuse,
A new revolution is happening in many prime labs,
Be aware , learn to change or be in denial staying at the edge.

Computers will disappear and yet be , they can now self assemble,
Communicate we will with our minds not dawdle,
Brain-net & exoskeletons controlled by our mind,
We will upload memories use Telepathy and telekinesis .

32 lines :-

Technology is in acceleration though our intuition stays sequential ,
Our thoughts are still one to two or thousand to two thousand .

These are days of miracles and wonders beyond common comprehension,
From the first telescopes now resolution enough to see a candle lit on the moon.

Look up a distant star, hope to see an exoplanet with a blue-green signature,
It has water there and photosynthesis life in some form and we are not alone.

The true story of life is that it turns out to be a code,
We can read it and we can edit and rewrite it using Crisper.

Four buildings blocks of DNA A,C,G&T their combinations,
In RNA T replaced by U but now we add up
B,Z ,S as Hachimoji.

Rewrite it and a new life form man made walks on Earth,
First synthetic life form , the lab has fathered wonder what lays ahead.

When machines become intelligent and some day turn self aware,
A I that can read and analyse a billion lines in a second .

My neocortex gets connected to a Synthetic neocortex in the cloud,
Music , poetry , drama and drawing redefined all in quantum leap .

New capabilities of comprehension far beyond our current perception ,
Our capacity to understand and analyse
a thousand times expanded.

Human genome modified to achieve eternal youth and life,
Universal Average Income in the rich countries and then in all .

We are cyborgs now mighty and disease free in a new world ,
We have Sex with the holograms and have orgasm through the Internet .

More tastes developed in food most real and few simulated,
Custom built babies and visual avatars with multi chain reasoning .

As we merge with the intelligent technologies we can extend our reach,
Our intelligence expands a million times by year twenty forty five.

Now the nonbiological portion can self
exist with biological stay behind,
Itís for us to decide if the Biological lives on disease free into eternity.

All your data stored in synthetic DNA, many
trillion copies of yottabytes of metadata,
Learn from nature wise from billions of years nature wastes no energy .

Technologies of tomorrow can be ubiquitous egalitarian and free for all,
Our ancient Gods in disarray queue up for health tourism to earth



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