I am Kritya. 
The intense word power,
which always moves along with the ultimate truth, which exists completely in accord with rightness.


A poet has to do his/her KARMA -which is creation, according to the wish of the supreme creator. That is why Indian poetics call a poet – Kavi- which is drishta / who is a visionary. There is a saying which goes – a poet reaches almost every where, even those places where the sun cannot reach. So it is the poet’s duty to bring out every single emotion, to give words to every feeling. Poem and pain are twin words.
There may be some eyes which are waiting for such words which can help them to share their pain. There may be a heart which is yearning to get a glimpse of those words which can tell his story. Moreover, poetry and pain are also identical words. How long can a poet run away from pain? He /she has to walk on fire… …

Rati Saxena

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when i was young i walked
across surfaces
as a slow moon

i walk still
without you
to linger on

starring dark
edges of the lake

silver water
lapping warm earth
like a silent animal

come to drink
in cool hours
and your air

Bob Marcacci
Watch the dust
First dance then settle
So incredibly meaningful
In its unimportance
In its beautiful
As is the moment
The only unbroken promise
The only true reason for
Being alive
Zen 2
resign aim
goal purpose
just breath be the moment
float in infinity live life to the max
 Ulrike Gerbig
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When a poet writes, he/she mostly uses the language of the heart, words are mostly in his/her control, and feelings will take the main place, but for translator the same poem cannot be that easy, as he has to search for words and have control over the feelings. Moreover poems do not reveal their complete meaning. More than 50% of the meaning is interiorized in rhythm, tune and sometimes in words themselves. Now the translator has to catch or imagine the interiorized meaning and search similar vocabulary in the target language and produce his version. Thus the translator’s work becomes three-fold. First of all he has to read the poem as a reader, then as a poet and at last as a translator.

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I perceived
The quiet radiance of the rose!
I prayed -Reveal the secret
Of your eternal beauty,
In the eyes of my heart.

I was thunderstruck!
It was love personified!
I smelled it-
It was unbounded love!
My heart filled with infinite sweetness.
I kept the rose to my lips-
Its tenderness was divine love.
I went on gazing at
The everlasting beauty of the rose

The face encircled by jet-black curls,
Filled with the constant gaze of love,
Imparts heart to wisdom!
Lips, crimson with the lines of fire,
Are kissed by contentment.
 Sumitranandan Pant 

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Drum of Victory


Beat the drum of victory! Beat it!
Beat the drum of victory!


1. The fear-demon we thrashed- The falsehood
serpent we hacked, and devoured its life
The entire world, is nectar we comprehend
A vedic life we’ve acquired. (Beat the drum of victory!)

2. In the sunshine we bathed – The luster’s
nectar we relished and splurged
In the night came he, living beings to destroy
Yama trembled as we glared. (Beat the drum of victory!)

3. The crow and sparrow, are our caste – the extensive
oceans and mountains, our cluster
Seen in all directions is us and nobody else
And as you see it, dance along. (Beat the drum of victory!)
Subramanya Bharathiyar

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VOL - II / PART - 1
(June-2006 )

Editor : Rati Saxena

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