Padma Sachdeva

Padma Sachdeva is one of the leading poet of Dogari today. Born in 1940 in a family of Sanskrit scholars. Padma's Poetry is always imbued with the glow of imagination that is the hallmark of true poetry. Padma Sachdeva is the recipient of several honours and awards for her contribution to literature including the Sahitya Academies award.


Sun, do not rise today.
Take away your light.
Light is sin's enemy
And sin
This moment
Is my desire.
To tread
V\Jith eyes closed
Those paths
Which vanished
Long ago.
To recall
Wiped away
By time.
To ask him,
To tell me again,a
Who is stone
Who is old peepal
Who is cobra guarding a treasure
And to walk with me
as of old.

Translated SHIVANATH


I was once a drop of water;
A link in a fable.
I rolled on the leaf of the lotus.
On the palm of nature
I tumbled, a mercury drop.
I measured destiny in a hand,
Stole names of tales.
All this
When I was a drop of water.

I was once a scarlet drop of blood
I brushed a lover's eye
From the lukewarm breath of his speech.
Along the empty longing of his blood
I charted a pathway.
The poisonous memory of love
I gulped
When I was a drop of blood.

I turned into a teardrop.
I slither, glistening
On the huge, burning
Baker's iron plate.
I drop, drop by drop,
From the eyes
Of that man, faraway
Who has chosen
To be alone.

Translated by IQBAL MASUD


Where am I?
What place is this?
Who brought me here?
I didn't come myself.
Who's it?
Who has made me sit here and left?
I was walking
in the dark
Crossing several halting places
Who has seated me in the moonlight?
No! No!
I don't want moonlight
I want darkness
One can't see any faces in darkness
I love darkness
Don't ask me to hate
Take me into the dark
I don't want to reach the destination
I want an unending journey
Like that of a river
Even though
I may get lost
On the way.

Translated by SHIVANATH


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