Ann Iverson

Ann Iverson is the author of Come Now to the Window published by the Laurel Poetry Collective in August of 2003. Her poetry has been featured on Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor. Her work has also appeared or is forthcoming in Water-Stone, 2000 and 2001; Margie: The American Journal of Poetry; Ache; Chronicle Alternative; Laurel Poetry Collective Anthology; Miller's Pond; The Oklahoma Review, and Talking Stick, and more. A poet who enjoys experimenting in the visual arts, she is interested in the visceral connection between the poetic and visual image. A sampling of her art work can be viewed at Ann has taught at the Loft and currently is the Director of Arts and Sciences at Dunwoody College of Technology.

Study: Shapes and Forms

Yesterday, triangular,
another point we never met.

Last night a circle,
the finishing –
the unfinished.

Business oblong
Like you and the black lab

Stretched out and calling
for another body to make it tri

symmetrical on the couch,
the faded moon behind
and perpendicular.

New Year’s Day

Melancholy orbits dash away a sun.
Children skate on the cleared and silky pond.

The man stokes a fire on the field.
My favorite cat clears my lap,

like I was a thought
he was tired of having.

For better or for worse
we both agreed.

Now, agreeing
for the better.


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