KABITA SINHA born 19331, Calcutta. Begin publishing her writings in the early 1950's, she won a number of awards and is an international writer

 Eve Speaks to God

I was first
to know
that which rises
is the other side
of that which falls

 In your creation
what is light
is also dark
I was first
to know

To obey
or not obey
weighs the same
Iwas first
to know

First to finger
the knowledge tree,
to bite into
the red apple
I was first

I was first
to divide
heaven and hell
with a fig leaf,
shame and

I was first
to water the stem
of this pleasure-body
with pain
first to know
like you
we too
can fashion dolls,
to see
your face
in my newborn’s
I was first

I was first
to know
grief and joy

 my slave
I was first
first woman
first exile

first to know
this human life
is higher
than heaven
higher than

I was first
to know

(translated from Bengali by Chitra Banerjee Diva karuni)

( Acknowledge- In Their Own Voice )

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