Dear Rati Saxena

Despite of my deep sorrow for Peri ,let me tell you that I have a very fresh and joyful feeling, for, I have read very good poetry in LETTERS FROM MADHOUSE. They are beautiful. No they are beauty. They are love itself and human's insistence for believing a beautiful lie like love . I admire Peri and I admire you for publishing these admirable poems. i also liked very much your words in 'our voice.' You are a wise poet. whenever i received Kritya via my friends in magazines, i read all the parts very rapidly so that i can find the sections i like. in this issue my favorite is editor's choice. thank you. long live.

Dear Miss: thanks for publish generously my poetry in your beautiful magazine. Actually I enjoyed reading Kritya, and now, rereading it (as you now, poetry is the best matter for rereading).
I want to have the honor of to be in touch with you and the staff of your magazine.
Congratulations: it is an excellent issue!

Luis Benítez
from Buenos Aires, Argentina


Dear Rati Saxena,

Thanks so much for the invitation to submit to your poetry journal, which is
both very elegant and very lovely.
My best regards,

Michael R. Burch


Bhawani said...
You must go to www. kritya.in for a illuminative tribute, something even the Malayalam media did not venture to do with so much warmth and sincerity.
Interestingly except for poet Sachitanandan's piece not one of his students, fellow poets, thinker ( read'male' for this could put down in words what they felt about the man who gave new direction to M'lam poetry!!!



Well thanks so much, fine poetry up on KRITYA, high in and above the clouds;
Thought I’d take a moment and send along a handful of poems for your consideration:

Dear Rati,

Well thanks for having my Yeats essay up on KRITYA a rather fine place for it to be I think;sending along a few poems for your consideration for future postings;
The fall has arrived here in New England, beautiful leaves turning the landscape into a Monet palate, the roads into a Jackson Pollack mural, and the air is so crisp, the scent of the fallen leaves taking me back to much younger days when the future stretched out before me like the shoreline of Lake Michigan at dawn.
Well anyway, sorry to be getting carried away, thanks again for your kindness to my writing, and I hope all is well, and that you aren’t working too hard these days,

October 27, 2006


the new issue is of a different type altogether .peri's poems are of loneliness. The grave love. I liked those.
how s your health. we are fine.
best as always


I am writing a brief article on LETTERS FROM MADHOUSE . I teach philosophy and at the same time psychology
Dear Dr.Rati Saxena ,my first interest. I found LETTERS FROM MADHOUSE very important . These are the poems that essayists must read with deep care and write about them . The woman who has written these letters with the pen name of Peri , I think ,is very wise . Please tell me are you interested for my article ? If yes I will send you upon it finished . I teach in three universities and I am very busy . letters from madhouse is my lesson for my students this week . Yesterday reading them in class all the girls were crying . I cried out : These poems are mirrors ! Don't blur them with your silly tears !
I am waiting for your reply and I say congratulation for your excellent editorial of Kritya . You are a true woman .


Ratiji, Mad House is challenging me. I think of it in several ways. But I have no conclusion. who is this poet, indeed? The power of the writing is like that of Niagra falls. But it flows like lake Victoria and gradually flows in to Nile. It reminds of several pictures I saw in life. What is men folk doing to their women? I feel women have problems and passions unsolved as women themselves, just because of their gender. I know it, it is happening around; but this is terrible. Have you gone through Sabdangal or Voices of Vaikkom Muhammed Basheer?

Now in the remote street
he is only made of detained time
and the ants are looking for him
that always walk
through an infinite desert
where the water is scarce
but the food abundant.

Louis Benitez is my writer, too. Ratiji, I must say that in the remote, but bold words of Atharva and other learning's of the past, we can only detain a portion of life which goes on and on, taking multitudinous forms, man , ant, Penelope and what; we are all traversing the deserts, reveries and oceans and lakes; every space is infinite, even the space occupied by a molecule; it is vast and immortal; eternal; look at the life of an insect; for man it dies in an instant; but for it, it is eternity. Everything seems to be relative. The terrestrial year is different from the year in the Uranus; it is 365 days while the latter is eighty earthly days; and the terrestrial day is 24 hours; But in Uranus a day too is equivalent of eighty earthly days. G.. Sankara Kurup had written:
Salute to Thee, the Universe
That develops moment by moment,
eternally without an end
( The title of this poem is Viswadarshanam. ) Some argue that it is first said by Hegel; it was said by the seers of there past.
So, we are now at a loss to express ourselves. We cannot say the word peace; some buddy asks you what is peace; like wise all ask you what is love? what is self-expression? I recorded my first ever gazal cd recently; and many asked how could you, an old guy, write love? Like this? Yeah, it is the world. We are ants. We are extinguished by greedy rulers and cynicism observers. Still, we go on writing, Louis Benitez and M.MOHANKUMAR and Eila Mahima Jaipaul
and Michaela Sefler and all of them write; you and me write; Fariedeh Hasan Zadeh writes; Blaga wrote; Tagore wrote; you see a continuity in the line of poets; the community of poets; it is why we came across . Life is to be moderate, mind is to be extreme, heart is to be full to the brim . Yes, it is the poet. So, I like Kritya.in; its editor is a great writer and she knows how to bring out good talents.
I write this in continuation to my letter when our beloved poet Ayyappa Panikkar died. Peace be upon his pure soul

Michael Estabrook
4 Valley Road
Acton , MA 01720
October 27, 2006
Dear Rati,
Well thanks for having my Yeats essay up on KRITYA a rather fine place for it to be I think; sending along a few poems for your consideration for future postings; The fall has arrived here in New England, beautiful leaves turning the landscape into a Monet palate, the roads into a Jackson Pollack mural, and the air is so crisp, the scent of the fallen leaves taking me back to much younger days when the future stretched out before me like the shoreline of Lake Michigan at dawn. Well anyway, sorry to be getting carried away, thanks again for your kindness to my writing, and I hope all is well, and that you aren’t working too hard these days,

Dear Rati,

This bird is going to sing. Yesterday I read a poem why someone believes in the war in Iraq. I installed myself behind my computer and the sentences just came and came and when it finally stopped I noticed I had written about 90 lines. It's just lines, no poetry. They are just for you to read. No submission or anything.

Joop Bersee

Dear Rati,

By your words and actions, as you must surely know, you are becoming an important person in the history of literature in India.
I know you're very busy so please don't bother wasting your
valuable time responding to me.

Chris Crittenden


Rati Saxena ji,

Hope your poetry web is flourishing in the world with all literary flavors. I did find the acceptance and the award you received from a foreigner on the basis of your collection. You are keeping up the spirit. Now let me take your poetry to Workflow, Poland University, for I am to be deputed there as Visiting Professor of Hindi, very soon for a short period of months.

Be in touch.

Caro Rati...
la noticia esta en http://isla_negra.zoomblog.com
inclui el link a tu site
un abrazo
gabriel impaglione

Dear Rati Saxena,
I am sorry it took me so long to reply to your e-mail. My server, AOL, was not operating properly and even some private mails were not getting through. It is good to find Eve Rifkah's poetry, and others, on the journal Kritya. I also love the graphics--the July issue particularly. I have been much too busy lately to submit work to journals, but in the next couple of weeks I hope to make some time for that process. Thank you for asking, and I will endeavor to send you either an essay or some poems, soon, perhaps...for your consideration.
Ann E. Michael
ann e michael webpage
www.annemichael.com for books, events, etc.

Dear editor of Kritya ,
Dr. Rati Saxena

I attach an essay on Peris poems. Please let my wife help Peri if she is alive . My British wife who is a good psychotherapist believes Peri is alive and needs help. She says : such a woman is unable of killing herself , for she is unable of violence . She weeps for a dead ant. How can a woman like her kill someone ? Herself or other self? Those who commit suicide, in spite of their depression are tough people .
I have written my own idea on Peris death in my essay .

We hope more success for Kritya .And I like to send you my wife's books on the characters of Dastayevski and Kafkas stories (prize winner ) together with my own poems . please write your mailing address.

Octai Etrai
(Like Peri,I am from east and my wife from west. Please say this to Peris friend)


रति सक्सेना जी
कृत्या का अंक देख कर सुखद आश्चर्य हुआ। आप तो अद्भुत काम कर रहीं हैं। साहित्यिक लोग खुद को " हिरवल दस्ता " तो कहते है, लेकिन प्रायः नयी चीजों को जानने समझने को जानना समझना ही नहीं चाहते
नए अंक में देवताले जी की कविताएँ अच्छी लगीं "पागलखाने से एक खतः" तो रोंगटे खड़े करने वाले हैं। " ग्राम परिवेश" का अंक डाक से आपकों भेजा था, मिला?
प्रमोद रंजन


आदरणीय रति जी

सादर अभिवादन

कृत्या का नय अंक मिला
भीतर तक छू गया, विचरों को मथ गया और बहुत कुछ सोचने को छोड गया। सोचने लगा क्य ऐसे भी कवित लिखी जाती है । किसी के पीडा की इतनी सशक्त अभिव्यक्ति शायद इस दौर में ( सत्य के साथ जुडी हुयी ) पहली बार देख रहा हूँ इसे मात्र प्रशंसा न समझें और यह किसी स्वार्थ से जुडी कोई बौद्धिक कवायद नहीं है । मैं भी पुरुष हूँ और कई बार सोचता हूँ कि सामान्य जीवन में चल रहे कितने गलत तथ्य प्रचलन में होंने के कारण अजीब से नहीं लगते और हम पुरुष उसे एक ढर्रे की तरह चलने देते हैं बिना किसी अपराध बोध के । कितनी बार होता है कि बात सही होती है और हम अपनी पुरुष मानसिकता के कारण इसे स्वीकरते नहीं ।

जो तुम्हारे पैरों
के एन नीचे है
ज्यादातर लोग अनदेखा
कर देते हैं
लेकिन हमारे देश में
एक स्त्री ने उसे भी
भेद दिया था
जब कि उसके पति ने उसे
भेज दिया था पागलखाने

जिसकी कोई दीवारे ही
नहीं थीं,
इसलिए नहीं कि उसने
किसी से प्यार किया
इसलिए भी नहीं कि
उसने धोखा दिया
वह इंतजार करती रही
उसके लिए चौदह बरस तक
फिर भी छोड़ा पति ने
बहुत सी चीजे ज्यादा
अहमियत रखती हैं
आदमी के लिए, मसलन
शासन, सिंहासन , जनता

परी! औरत के
क्लोरोफिल को कोई
नहीं जानता
यहाँ तक खुद औरत भी
औरत पीली होती हुई भी
खुश रहती है
मुरझाते वक्त भी
हँसती है

तुम्हारी छत
तुम्हारे कंधो पर
टिकी है
तमाम औरतें छतों के
ऊपर होते हुए भी
न उड़ रही हैं, न तारे
देख रहीं हैं

उन्होंने तुम्हारे
दिल से संगीत को
देह से नृत्य को,
मेरे आजू- बाजू तमाम
आँख में पट्टी बाँध,
पाँवों में जंजीरे
हाथों में बेड़िया पहन
नाच रही हैं
खुद को खुश करने को
बल्कि उन सब को जो
उसकी देह को नाचते
मछली खाने का लुत्फ
पाते हैं

अच्छा किया जो तुमने
चाभी नहीं माँगी
अच्छा किया जो दरवाजा
नहीं खोला
तूफान तुम्हारे
दरवाजे को भड़भड़ा कर
लौट गया
साँप सपोले नाचते रहे
तुमने उपने सिर के
ऊपर की दीवार को सरका
बस झाँक लिया आसमान
पूरा कि पूरा

हमारे देश में कागज
कलम पूजे जाते है
लेकिन बस आदमियों के
तुम पहली औरत हो
तुम आखिरी औरत हो
तुम अकेली औरत हो,
नहीं , रहने दो.. मैं भी
हूँ तुम्हारे साथ
कागज कलम के चाहना
रखने वाली

क्या खोज रही हो तुम?
वही, जो मैं खोज रही
हूँ काफी दिनों से?
बर्तनों का ढेर
चाहिये मुझे
जिससे माँज सकू में
समाज की गर्द
चाहिये कपड़े, हटा
सकूँ जर्रा जर्रा मैल
मेरे भी जिगर में हैं
कुछ स्याह निशान मेरे
बच्चों के हाथों के

लेकिन मालूम है, मेर
देश में
मुझे हक नहीं मेरे
बच्चों पर
क्यों कि बेटिया जनी
हैं मैंने

मोमबत्तियाँ मरती
मोमबत्तियाँ जलती
जलाई जाती हैं।

ऐसी पंक्तियां शाक करती हैं।लेकिन मैं जानता हूं कि अब जो कुछ लिखूंगा अपने को रखने के लिये अपनी बात रखने के लिये वह मात्र तर्क होगा और तर्क जीवन का एकमात्र सत्य नहीं है बल्की आज तर्क है नहीं सब कुतर्क बन गया है स्वार्थ के चलते। और जीवन समाज तथा सृष्टी के विकास का क्रम भावना से चलता है । एक मां या परिवार की पोषिका भावना स्वरूप ही होती है। तर्क स्वरूप नहीं। फ़िर भी कुछ प्रश्न बार बार मुझे चुभते हैं। कई बार मुझे लगता है नारी स्वयं ही खुद को नहीं बदलना चाहती इतना ही नहीं बडी उपल्बधियों के बाद भी सफ़लतम नारी की आकांक्षा घर परिवार और चारदीवारी का सुख होती है इसके बिना उसे स्वयं संतुष्टि नहीं मिलती। और कुछ बार बार देखता हूं तो पाता हूं कि एक पुरुष अपने जीवन में पर स्त्री गामी होता है तो एक तरफ़ उसका दोष है तो कहीं न कहीं कोई दूसरी स्त्री भी भ्रष्ट होती है अभी ढेरों मजबूरियां उस स्त्री की सामने अयेंगी। दूसरे जब कोई भी अवैध संबंध बनते हैं तो लांछन स्त्री पर ही लगता है और दोष पुरुष पर आता है जबकि इस तरह की घटनाओं में दोनों ही दोषी हैं यदि इसे दोष समझा जाये तो और विदेशी मनसिकता की बात करें तो उनकी संस्कृति में इसका कोई बहुत अर्थ ही नहीं है। एक और बहुत बडा किस्सा है जो आम जिंदगीं में बडी गहरायी से जुडा है वह है बेवफ़ाई । ज्यादा तर पुरुषो को ही इस हद में लाया जाता है लेकिन पुरुष भी इस घटना के कम शिकार नहीं होते। खैर यह सच है कि जब हम बहुतायत की बात करते हैं तो स्त्री को स्त्री होंने के कारण मात्र से ही बहुत सफ़र करना होता है इसमें कोई दो राय नहीं है और यहां मैं इसे स्त्री पुरुष के बीच होनें वाली बहस से नहीं जोडना चाहता बस एक भावनात्मक अभिवक्ति से स्वयं को रोक नहीं सका। शेष शुभ अपनी चेतना की अलख को इसी तरह लोगों में प्रेषित करती रहें ,

मुरली मनोहर



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