I am Kritya. 
The intense word power,
which always moves along with the ultimate truth, which exists completely in accord with rightness.


I was watching a program on the National Geography channel regarding the effect of the Afghan war on common people. The Mir, the child hero of documentary who lived in a cave in the mountains had a dream just as other common people. When Mir’s father dreamed for no more burning of shops, home and cities, Mir dreamed to be a teacher. They felt cheated by every one who came to help them.

I got a letter from Joop Bersee, a poet friend who sent me a poem (even though he says this is not a poem). I again feel a cry against war in those lines. Joop Bersee gave me this piece only for reading, not for publication.

Rati Saxena  

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Lovely ladies, like
of old,
clutching at umbrellas like
troopers at their parachutes,
with looks like
weeping windscreen wipers.

Timothy McNeal

Breathing in,
I bow to the place inside you
where when we are both there
only one person exists.

Laurie Byro

What would you know of a Poet, beyond
the words she has left us, their Spirit, their Spell?

What would you know of the White Vagabond--
this Angel imprisoned in hell?

Like Prometheus, she has given us Fire--
the inferno of her own desire.

Like Samson in chains, she shrugged herself free
of the Philistines, and now is free.

All we must learn we will find in her words--
the cries of vultures, the chorals of songbirds.

Michael R. Burch
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So , there is still a hope to this world ! And so , we are not yet defeated by aircrafts, automobiles ,subways , bankbooks and politicians ! A heart , as small as a fist and as soft as a dove’s meat is still able to fight with all kind of bombs and modern coldness and cruelty only by falling into pieces and becoming mad !
Thanks God ! We can touch the kingdom of heaven by Peri’s naked heart .Her perished reason ,gives more strength to her purest heart for touching the heaven and conveying it’s messages to us .
The most important thing for Peri is love. She can't forget her beloved and that is why she takes refugee to the endless desert of madness and her final choice is endless sleep.

Octai Etrai
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Who Long Kept Hid

I prayed to stars, when I was young,
To lure love where I lay
Lone as a shore that calls a sea
The tide has turned away.

Love did not come, and oh they seemed
Indifferent to my cry,
Who long kept hid how love could be
A kindness to deny.


Though Sorrow Mock

I shall not give you up for lost,
though grief prevail,
tears overcome,
strength fail;

Though silence join with ash
to prove all perish;
though sorrow mock my hope
for all I cherish.

T. (Tom) Merrill
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Although the world may shift
as fast as clouds drift,
all that is whole plunges home
to the primeval.

Over the traffic and track,
farther and freer,
your descant echoes here,
god with the lyre.

Sorrows are not transcended,
love is uncomprehended,
and what distances us in death

is never revealed.
Only intangible song
makes holy, and hails.


Wandelt sich rasch auch die Welt
wie Wolkengestalten,
alles Vollendete fällt
heim zum Uralten.

Über dem Wandel und Gang,
weiter und freier,
währt noch dein Vor-Gesang,
Gott mit der Leier.

Nicht sind die Leiden erkannt,
nicht ist die Liebe gelernt,
und was im Tod uns entfernt,

ist nicht entschleiert.
Einzig das Lied überm Land
heiligt und feiert.

Rainer Maria Rilke
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(December-2006 )

Editor : Rati Saxena

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