1-www.thehypertexts.com -  is dedicated to the re-establishment of communion between poets and readers. The HyperTexts has a page called "In Peace's Arms, Not War's" which is an international call to poetic arms on behalf of Iran, and has also published the work of Nadia Anjuman, Luis Omar Salinas, Federico Garcia Lorca and Hiroshima survivor and peace activist Takashi Tanemori.

2- http://PoetrySuperHighway.com

3- http://www.museindia.com  --  Muse India is a literary e-journal with the primary objective of showcasing Indian writing in English and in English translation to a broad-based, global readership.

4- www.http://earthlink.net

5- http://othervoicespoetry.org.

6-Awww.aestheticamagazine.com -Aesthetica: Contemporary Writing Art Music Filmic Film



9- http://www.southernrainpoetry.com/

10- http://www.geocities.com/joopbersee/joop1.html

11 http://www.simpletangent.net/andwerve_links.html

12. http://www.thereader.co.uk  -The Reader magazine is published quarterly and is attached to the School of English at Liverpool University. It publishes passionate and personal responses to both old and new literature, giving the former new life and contemporary meaning, while treating the latter with respect  as an eminent work of art. The Reader also tries to open the world of reading to a wider audience through its community-based participation projects.

13 .http://www.arabesquespress.org

14. We (www.whisperpoetry.com) will shortly be LAUNCHING
our monthly NEWSLETTER & attached is the draft of What we intend launching.

A  appeal from whisper poetry.com

We will be inviting you to submit articles (free of charge) for placement in
our NEWSLETTER & any other news worthy information. More details to follow
as we have feed back from all our friends. Please feel free to comment on
the format & offer any ideas you might have.

We also need to use this newsletter to GENERATE some much needed funds &
there is space available for thirty (30) advertisements of which 10 have
already been reserved.

We are planning to charge :

U S $ 100.00
U Kú 60.00
Euro's 80.00
S A Rand 750.00

Please advise whether you are interested & if so we have twenty spaces still
available as at today. The sites will be reserved on a first come first

We want to thank you in anticipation for your support & invite you to feel
free to discuss further.

Kind regards,

Stan Almendro


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