Felino Soriano

Felino Soriano lives in California where he is employed as a behavioral assistant; he is also currently studying philosophy, a concept of creativity for his poems. Through his occupation, he is able to counsel, create goals with, care for, and learn from developmentally disabled adults. He enjoys listening to classic and avant-garde jazz while writing his poetry. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in several online journals such as Rogue Poetry Review, Blaze VOX, Houston Literary Review, Ygdrasil, Blue Fifth Review, among others.

Vagabond's Vision #140

Round in a bowled afternoon
shapes memory childhood
fruit scents: whirling, the whirling
sped aroma watched,
the many men fell to adult
knees that once scabbed from
childhood faux pas.

Vagabond's Vision #141

Melodies coexist,
gathering into altered faces,
physicality, persona, highly singing
taking crescendos from a slanted
evanescent tongue, rhythms herded rounded in
wonder, chained in a togetherness
forming speculative futuristic
modish meaning, the tongue,
metaphor, disguised between thin layers
of invisible voices standing silently viable
within the vulture talons holding
bloody popular contaminated culture.

Vagabond's Vision #142

Obsolescent languages adhering to death's
opening, merriment once absorbed,
gone to the faded and fatigued edge,
surrealism superb brilliance
once delineated within obscurity's opaque vicinity,
counterpoint nonexistent,
for the absent, the unneeded, the replaceable
boards interpretations
have and to come,
will ensure boredom,
the used minds, thinkers
walk in grouped divinity,
alone grimacing, for the modernity
of la mode reality,
antithetical to the subtle arc of serenity's
once was, now's hands atop forbidden
whispers, shout into the glares of the languages of those
who have been sloppily replaced.



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