Dear Rati,

Thank you so much for including my work in the new issue of Kritya. It is an honor. I look forward to reading all the work. I did read "My Voice"already and was especially struck by this:
"Poems are not only words, but life and death falling between the words" Just beautiful. And so true! My son is home sick today, but when he is resting I will enjoy reading
the entire journal, "cover to cover"!  With love and respect,


Thank you for another beautiful issue Rati. I love Sarojini Naidu's poetry. Just
incredibly rich and lovely and powerful.



Thank you for your mail Dear Rati...
I hope you have another wonderful festival this year. My best wishes to you
and all involved and all Indian poets and writers...
best wishes

mahnaz badihian


dear rati

thank you for the mail and delighted to know about the festival.
also wanted to know what you thought of my book....
i'll send you my participation form soon.

warm regards and looking eagerly forward


Wonderful issue, and still beaming over the translation. An honor.



Thanks for the timely news and publication.

Aju Mukhopadhyay

rati ji
bahut bahut dynayabad aapka prayas bahut acha hai

umesh rashmi rohatgi USA


Dear Madam,

Thank you so much for the information regarding the creative ventures of 2008.It would be so kind of you if you please tell me the date of the Workshop-cum-Orientation programme on Indian Literature and Culture.

Also, the charge, as it is mentioned, is $ 300/- USA or other?Could you please tell me what should be the exact amount to be paid by an Indian participant like me?



Rati Saxena ji,
Thanks for the mail. My congratulations and best
wishes. Kindly let me know what best I can do to serve
the cause. In the meantime I must appreciate your
efforts. Convey my heartfelt congratulations and best
wishes to Surjeet Patar ji also.

My new collection of poems (selected poems -selected
by Ashok Vajpai) is due to publish by Kitabghar. The
title is Gehoon Ghar Aaya hai. It is already late.
Arvindakshan ji has written on these poems.

Divik Ramesh


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