louis kwaku amprako

louis kwaku amprako is 20 yrs old. Ghanaian. He is studing in University of Ghana-Legon.
For him poetry is a way of entering a world where you nare king and anything you say is beautiful.



Maybe your ideas may appear grotesque,
Don't give them up, don't go berserk,
Put behind the past,
Like cars pass us by fast,
Are you like a lonely soldier before a great battle?
Don't worry if you fear and your teeth violently rattle,
Your enemy may retreat and think you have some juju,
What you love best do,
There are though I cant tell all, many sources of happiness,
But for true joy I know from ones own self comes the greatest source,
Maybe the sweet smell of moist dust,
Awakes in you the painful memory of some love you lost,
My good friend forget the pain,
Be yourself; imagine by you, in your bed lies your loveliest babe,
Open the gates that dams poignant memories,
Sit by the pool watch the beautiful water lilies,
Smile to yourself, say to yourself; the world is mine
I can promise you it will be fine,
Don't give up, don't whine.


I wish I could cry to relieve myself,

But tears seem so difficult to trickle down my eyes,

Poignant memories fill me so I wish I had someone to cling to,

A comfortable shoulder to cry on, an embrace to give me confidence,

A kiss to put me in into perpetual calm,

A smile to give assurance, sense of belonging an Ill be there for you feeling,

But its a pity I seem to be in a desert, filled with sands of unhappiness,

As I watch the ugly vultures close by,

Impatient but ready to feast on me when I fall,

My eyes really should have tears so that I could cry myself to relief,

But I need to let go of my pride, the pride that holds back tears tears of relief,

So that I could stand up even in the sands of unhappiness,

And strive to find the oasis of joy,

Where I could soak my tattered garb, worn out with the toils and pains of life,

Where I could wash myself and drink gleefully from the springs,

And then the disappointed vultures will be laughed and scoffed at by me,

Then peacefully will I lie under the shades close by shades of satisfaction, smiling to myself and enjoying the sunset.


Rustling of leaves,
Smell of sweet roses,
Whispers of I love yours,
Beautiful dainty feet of little girls,
Green lawn, classical music, coffee on the table,
Sweet little boys, clumsy with strings of happy yells,
The very life I possess, the children, my friends, relatives and HER beautiful smile make me feel that I'm at the apogee of life,
Life to me is everything,
Pleasures and true joy are all they give,
I am satisfied with being alive than to have a sack full of pearls.
Vegetables, fruit drinks,
Attractive smiles from HER displaying excellent set of teeth,
Paroxysm of joy in me burns,
Children come around with sweet cries,
SHE also comes along with tasty French fries,
My joy overflows its banks,
I thank GOD for all these pleasures so nice

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