C. P. Aboobacker


constructed a bridge
Linking the banks of the rivulet
I crossed it several times
None came to me from the other side
Still, I went on crossing and returning
It dawned upon me like the morning sun
I am crossing the bridge from both sides
I shouted silently to my conscience
You have won , you have won,
Be patient, I am coming
from the sides, from the top, and from beneath.
Dew drops fall from trees and flowers
Little grass grows on the earth
Huge elephants run wild
A snail moves at its pace.
A bridge can connect all creatures,
Not merely two humans.


Time changes, oh, friend,
Your midnight of frightening dreams
Is twilight of purple sky for me
With breeze of dreams and fulfillment

Sun rises and sets the same moment
And your morn to me is the beginning of a sleep
World is always sleeping and waking up
Different people dream at different times.
My nightmare is daydream to you,
My moonlight is hot sun to you

Yet, let us agree
Not to exchange good for evil, life for death,
And creation for destruction
Let us share flower and fragrance,
Let us admire the qualities of creation
And not the properties of weapons and enmity

There is a bounty beneath every human relation
A bounty not the evils spirits can steal away
Time and space cannot destroy it
It is the fragrance of sighs,
And notes of the lakes and songs of the larks
Telling the saddest thoughts of man
Flutes carry it in their hollows
Hallowed by the holes of octave
Rumi the pedestrian sang it along
In memory of his beloved friend


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