He is Writing Poetry since 1999. Published one book "Prasoon ka Pratik" in Hindi and one in Endlish"By your side" His Poems published in VOICES NET BOOK WITH SPECIAL RECOGNITION AND IN its on line publication with special recognition. He won Prizes in International Poetry Recitation competition of self composed poem and His poetry published in poetry vibes Poetry book published by circle of poets. His biggest aim is his book to be published at International level on LOVE AND WAR.



It's not smooth,
smooth as flower way.
It's not easy,
easy even to say.
You expressed first with colors,
But I crushed your art.
I am sorry to you,
to the prayer of this heart.

Few feelings were
"in" but "new".
Few things,
Unsaid to you.
You always inspire me,
But I can't guess your part.
I am sorry to you,
to the prayer of this heart.

When one loves other,
Other may not be in love,
But when other realize it,
One has nothing to club.
You will be my soul mate,
forgive me or depart.
I will be sorry to you
to the prayer of this heart.


Thoughts of walls, walls of thoughts.
Should I go, should I stop.

Heart say's "Yes and Yes".
Mind say's, "No and No".
Feelings are, piling haste.
But things, moving slow.

Unlock all doors today,
put the barriers all behind.
Say to me, I say to you,
you are my " Valentine".


It was a silent night
both were eager to talk.
Candles gleaming the table
Senasations, bleeping from heart.

Eyes were looking eyes,
rest world was in dark.
Lids were unaware to blink
'Love' was making a mark.

Fingers doing moment at moment
single "Rose" smiling in glass.
Little ring roll down stairs
and broken "Frigid" by dash.

No words spoken by him,
no words spoken by her
but speech of silence said all
what they want to share.

Vikrant Sharma
113, marudhar nagar D.CM
INDIA 0141 -2355639

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