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A Poem by Uktamkhon Kholdorova


With a finger I’d write verses,
Coping down the earth’s pains.
The painful picture in my eyes,
Can’t be wiped out by bygone days.

Over my head the Sun is shining,
Around me the wind is blowing.
The Sun a Giant is blocking,
Alas, my body the wind is not touching.

My father, not earning enough in life,
His tears with his sleeves wiped.
Before the poverty he bended,
An unbending proud head he had.

With a finger I’d write verses,
Dipping it into my green heart.
Until the ink of the heart,
Pouring by God’s will, dries out.

Kosim Mamurov, translator

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A Poem by Ernest Williamson III

Taken by Hand, Heart, and Storm

beneath the bed
between the sheets
in the camera hidden by the gray mirage of wedding pictures
in the cavern of woven leather
on the light brown
I reside in your supple hand
on your inveterate moments
as you remember
our fights
which were so important and silly
as the limelight of fame seeps
like acid into our bones
we're artists
all of us who decry with the slates of stone
beyond the worldly noose
phony smiles
but never mind
anything I say
just make me
as I am trying to
to all of what makes you
like bad news
like mystery
like beauty
yet necessary and
don't do that
that thing you do is so painfully grand
especially when the sun
is laughing at me
shining only on me
and my pitiful make
a man
by heart

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One  Poem  by Arvind

Ohh Sleep! My sleep

We were always friends,
But what separated us is a mystery,
Dreams never happened again,
Nor did the winds pat my face innocent,
Eyes shut but are wide awake,
Groping in the dark of the night,
I want you to engulf me once again,
To the wonderland of my dreams,
Ohh Sleep! My Sleep! Please come back to me,
Without you I am no one, can't you see...?

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A  Poem by Sergio Ortiz

Walking Over Shallow Waters

Saw a dog barking at a lemon

mistaking it for the moon.

Cowardice is a thing of men,

not lovers. I have tasted evenings

in his embrace, gold and diamonds stitched

into instants. Does it matter if they say I am broken,

shattered of sun, moon, and lemon?

I'm a happy man and I want my dead to forgive

my happiness, just for today.

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A Poem by Varadarajan  Jagannathan

Together we achieve miles..

The minds are perplexed, the spirits are down,
The 'days' are fast approaching, the beautiful faces frown,
Thinks the mind, chose-we the wrong long way?
Enjoy or struggle should we everyday?

Wrapped you are in the blanket of darkness still,
As I suddenly realize everything is God's will,
'Impossibility', I realize isn't in me now,
Everything can be achieved, only fools would ask how.

Work is worship, dedication is a must,
If you aren't sincere, you would lick the dust.
Responsibility on young bare shoulders isn't really worse,
As it will bring you fame and fill your purse.

So wait not, let 'our' souls be lifted, let heads be held high,
Rise we brighter and brighter till we meet the sky;
Hurrah! life is now definitely going to be a very smooth ride,
As we achieve together miles of satisfaction and pride.

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A Poem by Felino Soriano

Could it be?

That all's well the circle
of trivial invention traveling around
the manmade circumstances
covering all edges reality based,
dream weaved by the hands of sleep
invention, too. That cultivated
memories blanket baby memoirs
isolated folded neat into housed rooms
for visits of future uncovering. Corners
set into deliver beauty never fathomed
their own imagery to be worthy of wordless
description. Devotion towards suspense
suspends judgment building lamented
bridges catapulting emotions to that of healing
wide open wounds. Words woven with
specialized intent delineate moods spoken
across scraped anger, marble-smooth content.

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A Poem by Basanta Kumar


Early dawn awakens

crowd marches

fragrance of mahua flower rejuvenates.

Alas ! I cannot collect

earn for myself.

My neighbours open the closed doors

I carve picture and share story

An emptiness within me

Destined to follow

more than half a century

husband and child

pride and dignity

sight and vision

I lose.

Every child birth, a moment of cheer

I advise care and caution.

Let children play safe

motherhood be kept intact.

This visibility a precious gift

nobody to lose in flit.

This world is not for me

A silent melancholy

Almighty neither I denounce nor I upset.

A recluse

I beg to clear path for death to salvation.

(This is the story of Tuni Bai(name changed) a sixty year old Gond tribal woman of village Kurri, Bhanupratappur block, Kanker district, Chhattisgarh, India who is visually impaired)

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A Poem by Nauduri Murty

To A Friend

I walk down the road, reading the shop names
In the tune humming in my mind,
Suddenly a name pops up
And I log on to your thoughts.
Not that I have forgotten you really
But the mundane chores
Have quoted a layer of dust.
Your very name brings in a whiff of freshness
Pumping more adrenalin into my blood.
A sudden smile slivers my lips
And a glint assumes my casual countenance.
The visuals afore transport me into the past
And play a stream of videos before mind's eye;
The Amygdala replays the emotions
So mythical, so real and so illusory
Lay buried in mind's archives...
Faces and names, places and events
Tantalizingly surface and disappear
Playing hide and seek...blending into a
Sweet aroma of nebulous notions
Leaving a tang stronger and romantic than before.
As the dynamics of life take over...
With the honking of a horn,
Ruefully, I reconcile
Waiting for another sojourn to your memory bank

A Poem by Christopher Barnes


You dream of an unpopped nest,
A cloned silhouette
Shot-up from gravity-bounced atoms,
Infusing clots –
The personality scaffolding
Of someone else’s arterial body map.

Sex cell chaff
In the innards’ sack –
Squeezed, alien
From a clock-face of antennas.

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A poem by Vijendra

Autonomy of Colors

There is poetry in the autonomy

Of colours too

Colours! colours!coloursoh­ '

The eternity of colours.

They are five shapes of

'The world around us

Its name! ha6itation and direction

They arrest me

Like the tones of music.

Colours are like metaphors

Which vi6rate on canvas.

They vary from each other

For their specific identity

yet animated with harmonious tones

They alone are the graceful speech

Of the texture in painting.

'The thr0bbing of the ether

Creates thrill in colours

Which affect my heart

'To give me pain or pleasure.

'Discord in colours make the eyes

Free to choose to love them '

For. their beauty!

Different on the canvas

O,colours-you give me

A kind of poetic harmony

Creating a visual horizon

'Where I may feel

High and low notes

Of my soul's music.

( More poems by Vijendra)

A mother poem by "Rati Saxena

Return Journey of Moonlight


Mother is sleeping in
mortuary’s freezer
closed eyes
hands on chest
ready for purification in fire

Behind the glass cover
her closed eyes are
two butterflies sleeping
We feel as if they will flutter
at any moment
and forget to cry


Geeta takes us
beyond death
After the fourteenth chapter

Mother's bed is empty
Where is she?
Under the glass?
Or sitting here
listening to the Geeta
which she asked me to read
long long ago

We are not able to cry
Not even smile
But cannot be quiet
She comes in our talk
In our tears
And sometime in a smile
We feel her presence everywhere


Forty-eight hours passed
on the iced bed
She had arthritis
Is this not too much cold for her?

Today she must go
Not by walking, she has forgotten how to walk for years
Not with the support of that stick she never liked
But on four shoulders
as she came in palaki after marriage

Mother is taking a bath
but why on the bed?
Mother is wearing clothes
while sleeping
Mother is getting ready
on the wooden structure

“You still have swelling on your right foot
how will you climb so many steps”?
Asks her daughter

She didn’t stop
She started her journey to make
fire more pious

Don’t cry mother asked us
This time rain came early
Sky did not know perhaps


Mother's horoscope
in the lap of Geeta
old and crumbled
falls down as soon as
someone touches the paper
Every daughter has her own experience
And her own smell of memories
of mother
I am trying to peep in the corners
which are broken down
and find the life she lost


Knots are open
Pot is broken
Wood is laid around
Grandson has given his offering to her fire

“May the doors of heaven”
elder daughter asked her god
Youngest one cried for
her lost nest

“Mother of daughter
is a queen”
Father's saying became


Mother liked the river
and its banks
the boats on banks
the swing of boats
a bath in river
and her own Krishna deity

Mother who is hidden in a small bag
was so happy to meet her friend river

There came a moon shadow
and then a bubble
Life is over


She was the story
which is finished

She was power
which is diminished

She was moonlight
which went back

She was a chapter
which is closed

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