Jeffrey Spahr-Summers

carry that weight

i inhale your words
like little oxygen pellets

i go from one to the next
breathing fathoms deep

i am compelled to carry them
with me wherever i go dont

want to be caught without them
red-handed and gasping

the end



what once grew wild
amoung jacaranda aloe and baobab
has no desire to be civilized
no will to be caged
no chains
dont domesticate me

come together

come share the dream everybody
turn on
turns out
peace and brotherhood
bring us goo goo eyed to the trap
we are dazed sheep
standing at the juke box
we dont know
we are at war with somebody
we dont know
we are at war with ourselves
sticking it to the little people
sticking it to the man
sort of like falling
within love
without love all over again

sun king

im running up the mountain
stopping only in the moment
dont want to dwell on
where ive already been
running up the mountain
suddenly i can see
so clearly where im going
crashing through creeks
jumping from rock to rock
squeezing through vicious
barbed wire fences they
are snagging my clothes
scratching my skin
biting me
nipping at me
trying to hold me back they
are trying to slow

im hoping that one day
youll want to join me there


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