Laurie A. Gomulka Palazzolo

Laurie A. Gomulka Palazzolo's publishing credits include: Horn Man: The Polish-American Musician in Twentieth-Century Detroit (Wayne State University Press). She is Vice President & Executive Director/Secretary of the West Side Detroit Polish American Historical Society (  ).

Iceberg Roses

The people sit on glass pews

in heavy coats of wool

and corduroy.

Outside roses sleep in snow.

Through the spaces I see

a limestone Christ, a desert

of ice.

Father talks about the Magi visiting

the Christ Child, flying across the ocean

to pay homage to his deceased father,

returning in three or four days.

I recall the eleven apostles and Jesus

standing frozen in bronze in the chapel

at Orchard Lake,

Our Lady of Czestochowa surrounded

by lit candles,

a purple and pink wreath encircled

by greenery hanging

to the left of her.

They were all draped in purple: the priests, altars and lecterns.

The evergreens were bare.

He says that Wigilia is when miracles happen in Poland.

As he speaks I wonder what you look like in Advent,

wonder if you ever think of me in your sleep, wonder

what lives in the spaces

between the roses

while he speaks of

silent wonder

and as inside

they break.

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