Ewa Chrusciel

Ewa Chrusciel's first book of poems came out in Poland in 2003 and the second one is forthcoming in 2009. Her poems have appeared in Colorado Review, Poetry Wales, Boston Review, Process, Lana Turner, Mandorla, Canary, Rhino, American Letters and Commentary and other places.

Homing Instincts

Ornithologists say white-feathered pigeons are masters of survival

While I was giving a reading in Chicago, Jan 28th at 5 pm, the roof

of the pigeon exhibit in Chorzow, Poland collapsed under the weight

of snow. 63 people died. Slowo nie zagruchotalo. To tylko dach

gruchnal. An iridescent audience on air. Archangels Barbs Homers

Frillbacks Laughers Modenas Nuns Orliks. Swarming to the last

of the roof. Dodging what is falling. Waiting for their owners in dead

silence. While I invoke syllables, give offerings in Chicago. How un-

expectedly something will rustle just a morpheme away. Poetry is a maker

of white and the heaviness of white makes the roofs collapse. Brodawczaki.

Garlacze. Latawce. Turkoty. Perukarze. Mewki. Pawiki. Blyskotki szafirowe.

Poezja zawsze sie spoznia jak paryska dziewczyna na obcasach.

Przylatuje na miejsce tragedii post factum. Poetry is late like a Parisian girl

in high heels who arrives at the scene of the tragedy post factum. Poetry

is a prayer which saves only itself. Poetry arrives late. A pigeon that did

not get back to the Arc but waves its olive branch from afar. And takes

off on extended letters.

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