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A Poem by Dan Ruhrmanty


Nothing captures everything
as the insecure bells ring
Their sound rises with the waves
that crash into the dark cliffs

Nothing can grow
everything can feel

The bells continue to feed
consumption and fuel

Within or without


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A poem by PK Padhy


At times I wonder
Perhaps we are the
Living images
Of distant cosmic rays
At an imaginative focal length.

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A Poem by  Chiesa Irwin



Once I loved a handsome man

who flew my heart

jet skied my feelings

surfed the waves of my body

forcing breath from me

with an icy hand toying at my throat

I had it all

his eyes on me

like search flares

in a misty forest

the weight of his body

like unfettered gold

the smell of his skin

floating over the covers

stayed in the bed

long after he fled

this soap and water god

put on his boots

mumbling something

almost escaped

in the morning light I'm calling his name

he appears

like a phantom on my retinas

then shifting downwards

blooms like a tiny pearl in my heart

entombed in love.

Owensville, northern Queensland, Australia

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A  Poem  by Holly Day


she took the job at the world's
biggest mall
specifically to talk to the octopus. Hours
of watching PBS had convinced her
that she could make the communication breakthrough
with fingerprints and brightly-colored flashcards.

only the janitor saw her
after hours, squatting before the glass pane
patiently holding up one careless painting
after another, squinting at corresponding
color changes
in the cephalopod's undulating frame.

it eventually cost her the job at the concession stand
of course-at the brink of something wonderful
she lost her temper at the children
pawing at the octopus' window
interpreting the rapid color flashes
as fear and panic

she rushed in to protect her pet project
ice cream and corn dogs
all over the floor

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A  Poem by Kush Sharma

The Ghost of a Ship

Sail the sailors through the mist, Ahoy! I see a ship adrift,
called the voice from the crow,
It stands still, ignoring the tidal flow.

Change the course,
the captain commanded,
Let us see and save,
what can be founded.

The ship rolled through the dividing ocean,
bouncing on the waves.
As it approached the stagnant vessel,
crew could see its sails.

Tattered and weathered,
like fresh from a storm,
The ship could do nothing more
but float on its own.

The sailors feared now,
for they had heard of such a ship,
one that floats in these waters,
though none but ghosts live on it.

So they moved away,
as fast as they could,
snatching the last hope of survival,
for die, the ghosts would.

Thus once more the ship was seen,
it was told,
the ghosts ever more fiercer,
and the wood stale and old.

The sailors in these waters,
now numbered very few,
no ship would help another,
it was said there were ghosts anew.

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A Poem by  Reeti Roy


I saw myself wallowing

In self pity

And wasting away

In self-destructive misery

Writing, what is considered, sacrilegious symphony.

For after all I am the fool, who cries himself hoarse.

While he touches up the painting on the blood-stained wall,

The woman who, saltless and naked,

writhes in pain while she waits in her ash-covered chamber, whored and

I am the fire-eater, who satisfies himself with drugs, darkness and drunkenness.

I am the pregnant girl, whose swollen womb spews out venom,

who curses, spits and vomits, unable to vanquish the seed of her oppressor.

And yet again, I am the vanquished and he, the victor.

There is blood on the streets

and again and again

I dance to his tunes

with pelvic thrusts and kohl laden eyes.

We do not speak for seven days

and on the eighth

We meet in a furnished room,

And light cigarettes while the pale blue night

observes in silence, unable to speak.

Our souls walk the streets deserted

Political Factions Disintegrate

And all I do is contemplate.

I transgress.

And digress

My repressed self is out to oppress.

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A poem by Rajasree Pai


Alone I am in birth and death;
alone I am in sleep and dreams:
alone in breath and alone in life;
alone am I in darkness and silence:
alone in mind and alone in thoughts;
alone am I chained in a tiny cage:
alone am I forever until -

when I find I am with me forever...

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 A Poem by  SAIKAT DAS


His eyes are getting worse
The white spot is growing
Soon it will take over
The entire eye

Now he can't bear the sun
His goggles make him look almost
Defiant but not too distant

When the sun is somewhat weak
He steals into the light and
Blankly stares at those who
Keep on talking under the tree
And then when someone looks at him
He slowly moves away and sits on the chair
Behind the walls

I can almost guess what's going on in him
Don't think he blames us though I know
We really didn't care when it mattered
Maybe his dark goggles help us more
Than it helps him

His father left him when his mother died
He grew up, he lived
You don't always need a father to grow up
But he spoke of his mother whom he
Never remembered

Years later when his father became a refugee
Came to this country, couldn't do anything
And got a diseased eye, he came to think
More and more of his son whom he left
Then he might have known
He really hadn't left him
But he couldn't go to his son
Once he tried but came back,
Something pulled him back; all he knew
It was not guilt, it was not hatred

He died of his eye

Sitting behind the walls in the un-shaded
Part of our house where you can see the sky
My father has a dim understanding when
Slowly darkness sets in
Then he takes off his goggles
And looks at the blank sky

I don't go close to him
None of us do

Sometimes his tea goes stale
He takes it and says nothing

Deep in the caverns of his eyes
The disease carries on
With its relentless march

He asks nothing, he regrets nothing in the frail wind
That blows from time to time
But can't soothe us

Someday I too shall sit in that chair
And meet the silence, the unforgiving silence.

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monotony of

how wearily
i open my eyes
with the deafening silence
of the dawn.
a sudden jerk of winter
shivers the blood
running vaguely
in the veins of my
numb body.
i console my soul
with some hope
of getting something
more sane
and enticing
this very
sunny day.
i know
i am bluffing-
i know
i have to get a reason
to escape the truth
to live.
brazenly i display
a zeal of being gleeful
knowing deep inside,
i would have changed
the unyielding track
if i could!

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A Poem by Anthony Edmund Forte

My Love

How many times did we say I love you?
How many ways did we find to disappoint?
How many days did we spend together?
How much happiness have we shared?

If I add together all the flowers that I sent you
If I subtract all the quarrels that we had
If I multiply all the children you and I made together
What divided us was surely a lie

I miss the mother of my children
I miss the woman that I truly loved
I honour the memory of the vows that bound us
I regret our selfish weakness, our frailty
But I never regret our love.

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A Poem by Rira Abbasi

Iranian poet and peace activist

Me or the Mouse

Don't say anything to anyone
I pulled out bread from the mouth of a mouse
It was war
I wanted bread
and the mouse wanted life

Translation: Maryam Ala Amjadi

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A Poem by Hari Joshi

Cleverness in  Journey
All of us landed at the same station
And all of us have the same destination.
Naked came, naked would go

Our earnings, influence name
Everything shall be left behind
Then why should we go for
Thefts, pilferage, cleverness

I n this small journey.
Let us remain happy
If available give others to eat
This way  distribute  not only happiness
Eatables, property  facilities
Trouble free world will make you trouble free

Otherwise by thefts by robbery
Collect lot of wealth
The world will snatch everything
Nothing would be left with us
we have to go back as we had come.

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