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A Poem by Rumjhum Biswas


Beneath the crumbling porch
of an abandoned house
in an abandoned
a flaming Mercedes stands.
I can see the reflection
on its blazing red flanks.
Now here is an anomaly:

My life is a smooth road
no bumps, no pot holes
My life stretches on straight
and sweet like a walk up the alter.
No scary curves. No sudden turns. No hair pin bends
You can see for miles on end.

Yet, something still hisses
like the wet faggots in
my reluctant hearth,
every now and then - questions:

Where is it really going?
How will it end?

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A poem by Nandini Dhar


only in darkness can you see
the very old woman who has a house in the moon.
only in black can you hear
her spinning jenny making the sound...ghor...ghor...ghor.
only in sable can you trace
her spindles tearing threads into words.
only in obsidian can you touch
the spelling of the shapes she knits onto the twilight-colored veil.

and you begin to own the soot of your lips.
in the brine of your eyes.

if nowhere else.

you smack it open. you lick it up
in a way that leaves untidy circles on your tongue.
and then, spills over as inked tattoos on the crust of the moon.

the moon-girl sings tenebrous lullaby
all the while untangling yarns for her ma.
thus threading her fingers silk-thin blue-and-black.

"crazy girl, what pleasure do you get from dark?
don't you know it is
no longer the reign of the night?"

"ma, please switch off the lights.
how many times do I have to tell you—it hurts it hurts it hurts."

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A Poem by  Anant Kumar

In Quebec

Prologue: The Acrobatics of the Maids
(dedicated to Montreal Mountain)

Beneath a very lofty mountain
At the shore of enormous waters
Lay a body.

Out leapt a dolphin maiden
And offered the castaway her company

As the maidenly eyes sparkled immensely the boy sat down between her fins and
Quite merrily investigated the region. Until the hostess bade the guest farewell.
The stranger can not swim;
Nor are his bones being created.

Out leaps many a dolphin maiden.
Up and down.
The castaway lies
And observes the acrobatics of the maids.

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A  Poem  by Priyadarshi Patnaik

Echoes of Eternity

Anyone can write poems
Hundreds and thousands in
The silence that make up words
Among blue skies hot suns sweat
And semen among breathless breaks
That makes up time and the stuff
Of life that
Like a moment trapped in
The sound of a clap spreads
Hundreds and thousand endless
Poems that write
Rewrite themselves

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A  Poem by Stephen Jarrell Williams


Making your own path
through trees and rivers of grass,

hoping the one you love is
where you left her.

Tasting red berries,
sipping a clean stream,
remembering what should have been,

climbing a mountaintop
overlooking the way to continue.

Knowing your direction,
never again kicking stones
on the journey home.

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A Poem by  Maurice Oliver

For Sound Bite Purposes

A little snow. Branches broken then shattered
on the ground. An empty brown table scared.
A knob that shines. Grey squirrels. Small change.
A cloudy November day. Fieldstones leading to the
porch. New England farms. An empty room where
a radio plays. Or stray cats. Two trucks with broken
headlights. Wreathes of stem rising from the thermos.
Damp hair. Fish wrapped in newspaper. French or else
Russian. One painted red. Any space between the rings
of Saturn. Then other times, lighter than a gob of spit.

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A poem by Fariel Shafee

That Disturbing speck

The reddened shadows of
dusk trickle down the bleeding
layered clouds. They
brush the voracious
of a languished, lustful
thrashing out in impatience, to
the rising moon,
pale at a nook
of infinity,
yet powerful.

I think of that iota of
so small,
but connected to a
corner of
that yet changed our
for days to come,

so we would not laugh
ever again.

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 A Poem by  Nithya

The Weep of the Oboe

when Mariamman flame flickers,
from the aging Aalamaram's sigh,
Bring me your unspoken promises,
For we shall dance like the bell
and its tether,
to the tune of the wind whistles.

And if the temple flame eventually dies,
our passions will ignite crimson
the rim of the sky.

when I place the
kumkumam on your forehead,
black-red will infuse
into my cold, grey ashes,
that have settled
over five rocks in a stream
divided by Shiva's tresses.

Mariamman = Tamil goddess associated with Goddess Parvathi
Aalamaram = Banyan tree
Maragadham = Emerald, also a female Tamil name.
Kumkumam = vermillion

"Nithya Sambasivan" at www.ics.uci.edu/~nsambasi/research.html



Twice she looked away from me
Making sure I don’t see her
Looking at me
That was how I came to figure out
The girl she had been
How those curves
In her face smoothed to make
what she is now

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A Poem by Peycho Kanev


Thou shalt not steal

Thou shalt not kill

Thou shalt not commit adultery

these are the commandments,
but nobody told me
what I supposed to do
if the woman of my fellow men
is longing for me.

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