Annelisa Addolorato

Italian poetess, hispanist and translater. She published two bilingual (Spanish/Italian) poems books in Spain (Madrid), a book on Octavio Paz (*The dancing word. Octavio*, Milan) and one on the Spanish poetess Clara Janes, *A Journey among Words. **Poetry and Press like Communication and Mediation: Clara Janes*, Amargord, Madrid 2009, and some articles and translations. She teaches Spanish Language & Culture in the Universities of Milan and Pavia. Italian Poetry blog: NOMADI MONDI. Moreinfoin:ttp:// 2939. Readings and Festivals: in Italy, Spain, Israel, Venezuela.

Is breathing less

and feeling more,

the volcano's

indigo company.

Keeps words

on the cruel lava

Cleaning and

opening them

looking for pearls


Shot silk’s


('Menos respira', from the bilingual book La palabra"lasca'o la reconstrucción de Pompeya * - *La parola 'favilla' o la ricostruzione di Pompei, Amargord, Madrid 2008*)

Angels, in blue



in the desire’s


March 2000 - To Jesse Davis, Teatreneu


wings' face, you

go straight to the sound

like in the foggy

sunflower's sun

In the air
light's seeds

skies' buttons


stars' shells

ready to


in the embrace


(Angeles, from the bilingual book Mariposas y falenas - Farfalle e falene,
Endymion, Madrid 2003)


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