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These days a word is becoming very popular, that is, "positive energy" everyone is talking about this energy, sometimes I feel that this word has become more popular and dangerous than atomic energy. Hang bells at your door; keep the table in this corner, bed in that comer, get up in the morning, smile at your own face. Do not look at bad things; the list goes on and on ….

My worry is that the slogan of positive energy is teaching us to keep away from dirty or bad things. It isn't giving the message to remove evil, but to keep away from evil. Keep away from the so-called bad things, and if at all you have to look at them, keep distance. Keep your home shut, so not even a signal of negative energy will dare to enter into your life, it is your life, not the society's.

I read this hymn from the Atharvaveda, which says--

Let clouds rise in all directions
Let air carry the cloud with water
Let the sky fill up with thunderous clouds
Pleased this earth with plenty of water.
Let Marutas, who are satisfied with offerings
Irrigate vegetation with good rain
Let raindrops fall on earth in plenty
And help the earth grow a good crop of plants.
O air, we sing your praise, you help the clouds
They reach every part of the earth to grow a good crop
O Maruta! All Ganas are singing your praise
The clouds are roaring too.
O Rain! You rain and let the earth get wet.
O Maruta! You take up into the sky
The water from the sea as clouds
Then rain heavily and flow in rivers pleasing the earth.
O clouds! You thunder, you roar, taking the water from the sea
Soak the earth with rainy–milk
Let the rain created by you reach all directions
Let every small thing change into big.
Let all the fountains flow like strong pythons
Let the clouds sent by Maruta rain on the earth.
There will be lightning on all sides,
and winds will blow in every direction
Let the clouds sent by Maruta rain on the earth.
The rainwater flowing from the clouds that shine
Gush in the stream like pythons.
Let the clouds send by Maruta rain on the earth.
The fire from water is the god of vegetation
Let us get that rain, O Jataveda!
Let our people get Divine Amrit.

This prayer is for well-being, but well-being of the universe, not that of a single person.

I am not against positive power; I just want to know whether we can completely avoid this so-called negative power? Does it mean we should not think of the poor, about our people who are in trouble? Does it mean that we should not think about the numerous problems and difficulties in the world today?

Like war, poverty, illiteracy, less jobs, job stress, losing one's own identity…..
And so on…

In some parts of the world these negative energies can fill positive energy in people who do not face these problems. When I visited Europe recently, I found that all the beggars in Norway belonged to Romania (the poorest country in Europe). Most of the beggars and vendors in Rome belonged to South Africa and Bangladesh. These are the countries, which are facing acute economic problems. I know that supporting beggars cannot provide a solution to poverty, but to find out the root, one has to look at them, and find out their actual problems. I was happy to see so many government bodies working to identify the problems of these people who do not belong to them. We all know that Norway is a very rich country, though they got this richness after a lot of difficulties. The good thing about this country is that the authorities here are working to find solutions to global problems at the grass root level.

I again came to positive energy, can we achieve it by teaching our illiterate helpers, who work at our home? Feeling the pain of an unknown energy is negative. I am reading Dalai Lama these days. Though his words are calm, I feel the pain in every line he has written. When he says

Cuckoos return from Mon*,
Bringing rain and relief;
Meeting with my sweetheart,
I've found peace and quiet.

I sense the pain in his words "peace and quiet" -- the pain of going away from one's own land. When I read poems for an issue, I have to sense so many pains contained in the lines, and sometimes it holds my mind and heart for a long time. But poetry is never negative energy, though it lets us feel the pain, really intense pain.
Dear friends, this issue once again brings to you some of the Dalai Lama's precious words in the section Our Masters.
The Editor's Choice this time is Helge Torvund, the poet who does not think of himself, but for the nature around him. Because of his passion and hard work he got the government to make a law according to which no one can destroy the nature around him. I love his poetry, and I also love his attitude towards the society and nature. In "In the Name of Poetry" we bring before you the thoughts of Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, in which the pain of exile is presented in a positive manner.
In the section "Poetry in Our Time" you can feast on delectable poetic pieces from different languages.
 Artist of this issue is Swarnjit Savi , a Punjabi poet, artist and photographer and poet artist Radhelal Bijdhavane ji. Dear friends, I thank you once again and hope you enjoy this issue of Kritya.


Rati Saxena

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