Dear Editor,

I am sending three of my poems concerned with Asian life and Indian
traditions for your consideration.

My literary work has appeared in The Gettysburg Review, Guernica,
Jacket Magazine, and Literary Imagination. I have taught at Columbia
and New York University and my work has been supported by fellowships from
the American Association of Literary Translators and the National Endowment
for the Humanities.

The file is attached in .doc format, and I have recently joined Muse
India as a member. I thank you for considering my work.

Best wishes,
Rebecca Gould

Rebecca Gould
Postdoctoral Fellow
Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies
Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin
Wallotstrasse 19
14193 Berlin Germany



Dear Rati,

I attempted a few months ago to send some poems but I received an error response, not sure if this is still the correct address.

 wanted to send you some poems in light of my latest collection, due out
 in early 2012.  The book is a full length poetry collection consisting 
of poems written over the course of two years, all dealing with my son's
 battle with heroin addiction.

I am still caught up with his battle, which is also mine as his mother, so I find myself continuing to write in this regard.

Below I am including 5 poems for your consideration in Kritya, one of my favorite online journals of all time.

I will include a current bio also, in the event one is required/needed.




Dear Editors of Kritya:

My name is Z.M. Weiss, a poet who is eagerly looking to get his poetry books published. Attached are three poems to be considered for Kritya. My poems have appeared in Great Poems of the Western World, Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans, A Celebration of Poets, Youth Erotic Press, Camel Saloon, and Theater in Asylum Magazine. I live in Houston, TX, where I am a full time student and a full time bank teller and in the process of obtaining my Bachelor's in Business Communications and Master's of Business Administration. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Z.M. Weiss



Dear Rati,

I must congrtualte you for such a wonderful thing as kritya. i stumbled by it in my online search for good literary platforms for new writers. I am Shelly from Shimla, and currently i live at Sao Paulo in Brazil. I used to teach English literature at DU colleges and now i am given to full time writing and my research project on tibetan literature from JNU. i have been writing poetry since childhood and used to write for local newspapers in shimla. i was the Hindi editor of my college (St Bedes Shimla) magazine too.
i am more serious about my writing now. few of my poems appeared in "Indian Voices Vol I".

I would like to make submissions to Kritya for your kind consideration. I got an impression that you publish poems based on a particular issue or theme. can you please guide me about this so that i can submit a poem for your kind consideration.

looking forward to encouragement from you
thanks and regards


Dear Madam,

I am a Bangladeshi born author living in Sweden. My first novel A
List of Offences was translated into Spanish and Greek and has
received good reviwes from several countries. You will find everything
about it on the net.
My second novel is now being handled by my Agent Betty Anne Crawford
of Books Crossing Border, NY. USA.
Several of my stories - published and unpublished ones- are being used
as course material in different universities in different parts of the
world(Stockholm University, Lund University, Georgia State University
and Sharjah University). My stories have been published in Dhaka,
Pakistan, Sweden and America.
I am enclosing one of my poems here,hopefully you will find it good
enough for publication. I have several others, if you would like to
look at them please feel free to ask. Thank you for taking time to
read my mail.

With warm regards,
Dilruba Z. Ara



I would like to submit a few poems for your consideration. for that purpose
i would like to know the theme on which the current issue will rest so that
i can send in the relevant poems.looking forward to your reply



Dear Editor,

I visited India last year with friends and was
so impressed by your incredible country, that I was
inspired to write the two following poems.
Perhaps you would be interested in publishing them
in Kritya, a magazine I discovered while surfing
the internet.

I am a Swiss poet and writer who grew up in the USA.
For more about me, see www.roger-bonner.ch

Many thanks for your time.

Kind regards,

Roger Bonner

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