Safaa Sheikh Hamad

Youth unity

The sphinx

And the three pyramids

Speak for the youth

In one voice

They shout:

Ash- sha’b yureed isqat an- nizam

The youth of Egypt

Knock at the door of freedom

Cairo, Asyoot, Alexandria


In one voice

Ash- sha’b yureed isqat an- nizam

Muslim and Christians in Tahrir Square

Holding hands on the run

Crossing hearts to emerge as one


In one faith:

No for playing God against my dreams

No for conspiracies against my soul



They wake up

From all the places

Eyes wide open

The clothed in rags

Turn pointer fingers into guns

Palms carry the angry "go out"

So they wave their hands

Fill the streets

Break the chains

Freedom is their crave


That's why

Such youth in my Arab homeland

Stomp in the streets

Demand the freedom

To breathe another dawn

Where people are free

From the rules of gravity god


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