Juhi Chowdhury


Stem standing on a single root

Rest has been cut, wounded...

Trembling unhaired foot,

And deflowered, defoliated...

Skin is bare to be toasted hot

Chlorophyll vanishes off...

Languor flows from a sand-pot

Up through the phloem to the top...

The Sun chuckles, the deserted Earth

Crawls in with open mouth,

Under a curse of somber bower's birth,

Engulfs and run forth...

Thirsty towel soaks too last sap,

Fleshless, peeled-off-body sighs!

Death hisses into it with an alarming clap,

It toes out by footprints of other wayfarers nigh...


A maiden sat underneath the shadow

Of a banyan skirt,

Beside a transparent milky rivulet:

It nourished her forlorn eyes

Interpreting her as a glamorous bride

By the grace of

The moving mirror's pride!

Her skin was freshened by the perspiration

Of the fluttering velvet green napkins-

They don't soak, they emit

Gratitude and benevolence

And then especially a squeezed juice

Of love for her

In a vaporized attribution.

Tendril slithered across her neck,

And kissed the petaline locket

Hanging in the basin between the breasts;

Earth's green hair touched her palm

As per the debonair rituals.

The sun chuckled at the jovial discourse

Of the mysterious breeze

With the wanderer's feet,

Nature whispered a strain of flute

Every note was tendering a pledge,

And a poet synthesized a poetic lantern

Lounging on an easy chair

In a carrel:

'A Maiden Marrying Nature'



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