Krishna P. Chakravorty

 Nature vs. Nurture

The Nature part of us is the relative importance of our innate qualities.
While Nurture is our personal experiences, physical and behavioral traits,
Blank Slate and genome give us our all behavior traits from the Nature,
While cultural, social and developmental influences come from the Nurture.

Length or width contributes more to the rectangle area or not is the question
While the answer is the heritability and upbringing are always evolutional,
While Nature includes the big five, IQ, Nativism, mental and physical traits
Nurture includes prenatal, parental, extended family and peer experiences.

A human trait is made up of the genes and environments with plasticity's,
Heritability and upbringing color patches put the final touch in the make up,
While obligatory and facultative adaptations make a whole lot of differences
Humans are ultimately a combined product of both the Nature and Nurture.

Even though a new Jesus or Hitler could be re-created thro' genetic cloning,
Most clones grow up to be the same person due to environmental variation,
Whether the genetic determinism or biological determinism is true or not,
Human traits will always be a mixture of Nature, Nurture and the culture.

What are the Free Will, Free Choice and Free thinking?

The free will, free choice and free thinking exist or not is the question,
While the determinism, indeterminism and liberalism can fight it out,
How can these free things exist if they are predetermined by an agent,
Whether it is god, fate, gene, culture, society or an invisible decider?

In a causal universe, nothing can exist in a universe without a cause,
But a quantum trigger or a neurology demon can trigger actions otherwise,
A chaos, quantum worm hole, addiction, environmental or social stimuli,
Can give us the nudge to go out of the norm and make a free jump outside.

Free will is nothing but a power and ability to prefer and choose to think,
But the necessity, built-up conduct, events and society can stand in the way,
Man cannot create himself or his mental status ex nihilo and out of nothing,
Leading to an infinite regress, senselessness and moral irresponsibility.

In a Nature versus nurture world, and indeterministic, chaotic universe,
Human actions can not be accounted by brains, genes and evolutions,
Free will, free choice, free voice and free thinking are emergent actions,
That generate countless, unpredictable and automatic processes and actions.

What is the Purpose of Life ?

Life is not the results of Adam and Eve's faults,
And the punishment of God for their combined sins,
Life is not to follow the go forth and multiply order,
As the Christian Scriptures and Bible tell us to do.

Life is not only to repeat your Karmic cycle,
And just to make your soul purer and purer,
Life is not going from lower to the upper stage,
As the Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures tell us to do.

Life is not to take the birth and become a slave,
Just to follow the Alha's Rules and fulfill his wishes,
Life is not only to serve and please Alha all the time,
'cause Alha will reward with the heaven or punish to hell.

Life is nobody's business, not any God, religion or deity,
None of them created the life, even the scriptures tell us so.
Life did not start 6000 BC even as the Bible says so,
But started 13.4 billion years ago as the science proved it to all.

Life was created by evolution as the Natural history tell us so,
From species to species it grew up through land, water and sky.
Life evolved in the mid-cycle as the species branched up bigger,
From reptiles to apes that adapted to humanoid and then to human.

 What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of our lives and living a life,
Is a quintessential question to ask with no good answer,
Man's prerogative is to ask for meaning of whatever they see and do,
No one to answer them correctly, each with his own view.

The divine and cosmic meaning need looking to God,
With leap of faith and unshakeable beliefs all the time,
That He will tell you to love, serve and worship Him,
That gives you all the meaning of your life and existence here.

Doing what is right and doing what is good,
Gives our lives the moral and ethical meaning,
Even though morally good life may not be satisfying,
And satisfying life may not be morally good.

To some, to be is to eat, drink, love and be merry,
To others, to be is to think, know, be awake and wise,
Some search for meaning in our deepest inner core,
Others find meaning in the symbiotic and complimentary living.

Life has no meaning in the nihilist and pessimistic way,
Pointless, meaningless, absurd, condemned and useless,
Raising one's own rock from the bottom to the top of hill,
To let it fall down and go on lifting it vainly again.

Man is nothing else than which he makes himself,
Creating his own meaning out of the total chaos,
Giving birth to himself, and create his own destiny,
That is what his existence and survival needs.

Man is a machine for the making of gods and goddesses,
The brothers of the stars and the sisters of the moons,
Man is the conscious lumen in the black hole of dark energy,
To search and find our parts and meaning in the cosmic evolution,

Life means a Nature's gift to you and a journey to take,
Through a humane route with compassion, love, mercy and hope,
Making the world a heavenly place for every creature to live,
Finding your Nirvana, the holy grail a
nd the meaning to your life.


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