Poetry reawakens and reinforces our real, innermost strength; our spirituality. It is the force that makes us decent people, people who are filled with empathy for those in need or pain, those suffering from injustice and other wrongs or societal ills.
-- Mbuyiseni Oswald Mtshali

Poetry – the Means to Unite

Poetry is perhaps the more natural and spontaneous medium of expression. We tend to express our heartfelt emotions in a few lines of verse than in sentences. The poetic form is more capable of reaching out and touching the hearts of others. The thirst to connect, to express and listen is ingrained in every poetic heart. It is this unique quality that qualifies poets to be the ideal agents to promote peace and unity.
The poet’s vocation is a free one – it just can’t abide any kind of fetters. The words have to necessarily flow, bridging the diversity that is characteristic of the world. Though poets sing in different tongues, their themes are universal, they are bound by a unique camaraderie. Freedom is a natural by-product of peace, and being by its very nature free, the poetic spirit will necessarily foster peace.
The poetic sensitivity is there in each of us. Maybe it is dormant in some. We only need to awaken this natural compassion that lies deep within – then there is no more war, strife, jealousy or hatred. It will be the awakening of our inner spirituality that runs like a thread through each of us, uniting one and all.
Dear friends, let our poetry festivals be the venues where poetry can speak to us in words loud and clear, where each of us get to see what we need to see and help others to see, where we can put our heads together and understand our responsibilities. Let us capitalize on poetry’s inherent capacity to soothe, comfort and instill hope even in the most troubled times, and at times of loss. Let us wield the power of the spoken word to craft a more meaningful, “brave, new world.”
Enjoy reading this issue of Kritya. Do keep sending us your feedback and suggestions so that we can make Kritya a more significant and potent medium.

the artist of this issue is poet , artist -K  Ravindran

Jayasree Ramakrishnan Nair


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