Eeva Park

Translated by Jayde Will


When you look at the sea

there are ships in your eyes

I only see water and foam

a cutoff line

on the border of the sky and sea

In the deepness of your eyes

two ships recede into the distance

* * *

Now I should make jam

The plums are ready

Autumn is ready

I’m not


During the last five years

time has been speeding up

with the addition of the flu, ringing in my ears, pneumonia,

radiculitis, a trumpet, drums, glaucoma, high blood pressure,

the timpani ring

in the end a whole orchestra

plays such a mindless tune


I am who I am

shameless deceitful timid

and still you water me

with your morning light


And that will happen now?

When there`s no electricity.

The screen is black

And there is no light to be seen in whole village.

Everything is quiet,

Evan that, which I didn`t notice before the murmuring.

Aldo the radio in the kitchen.

And now?

What will happen to me?

In this quiet twilight.

That very word almost slipped mu mind.

I sit listening.

I sit oddly.

Time stands still.

For the moment, For the century.

And that is happening now?

House pet

Today I am the king’s cat

I walk in the hundred rooms of his castle

I sleep on the cushion of his throne

wearing a little watch of gold around my neck

I give off sparks, when his hand glides over my fur

I purr in the warmth of the canopy bed my claws

caress his body

only there where it itches

only there

I extend them

roaring in the jungle of my heart

where tigers tearing the habitat’s trees

apart with their claws marking their territory

the dangerous limits of life.

St. John’s Night

The point of the matter is that the scar would remain

for your whole life,

so if you let the glowing poker

burn the mark of St. John’s on your back

while chewing a shashlik spit to numbness

so the cries of pain wouldn’t ring all over Värska

then the point of the matter

precisely is

that the scar would remain

* * *

The old beautiful women said come over

and sit here with us on the long bench

we’ll make room for you in the middle

because when we go

through the dark from here

you’ll have to stay

put your hands on your knees

and say

I am a beautiful old woman

on a long bench

at the edge of this world


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