Harihar Jha

Lotus in the Mud

My heart has turned into a stone
some rocks hit against and break
to flow in the river
but still desire to see the seedling sprouting
is alive
Hope to hear melodious songs from birds
is active
and dreams of fragrance from the flowers
yet remains...

Someone has plunged his sword
into intestine of the wasteland Earth
and yet,
in these threatening and roaring clouds,
the desire for showering compassion is still alive.
Hope from the heartless earth
to grow passionate sensitivity is still active.
Appeal to the dead sky
to rain the life-force yet remains...

There is no place for platonic love now
What is Love? But just a deal
an equation in Mathematics
or a computer program
flowing chemicals of a few organic compounds
In spread of the mud,
Hope to lotus blossom
yet remains...

Blackens Your Face

Flame of burning fire trying to embrace
When out of control, it blackens your face

In humans, instinct of love is supreme
Dance, art and literature have the same theme
Suppressed love is anger poised to slaughter
like a thirsty man fighting for water

Ready to dump wisdom, What a disgrace!
When out of control, it blackens your face

Restless mind without love always turns blind
animal beats the saint sitting in the mind
Roaming here and there, sad story to tell
With addiction of lust falling in the well

Water snakes in dream trying hard to chase
When out of control, it blackens your face

When erotic story turns chaotic
Man in love acts like a mad psychotic
Cupid takes revenge in the dress of love
Helpless man inside behaves like a dove

Passion dashing noble thoughts to replace
When out of control, it blackens your face

My friend!

My friend! we came here
away from that mechanical life
happy on the bike with speed double
now look at the thorns in tube and tyre
how to cope with this trouble?

My friend! on the way we had put
lust of inner life in musical dress
shouting third rate songs, beat and rhythm in mess
now if we sing or cry on the bank of lonely river
our own shadow will tease and laugh at us

now enough of the tune of the singing birds
enough of the praise for the open sky
enough hypocrisy of the mental peace
Claim to be one with the nature so lie

with dust flying around our mouth and nose
Push thorny bicycle, on the filthy narrow track
with fit of anger, enraged in our heart
Oh my friend! let us speedily return back

Since I left the caves

Since I left the caves,
I wrote Vedas and Bible
Philosophy and science
Erotic books and songs tribal.

I have been boasting on being son of God
till Darwin's Monkey checks
I make celibacy an ideal of life
till Freud's pervasive sex

“Man is like insects”
“God is dead” that is Nietzsche’s libel
Since I left the caves,
I wrote Vedas and Bible.

Thread from the fibres of words
tied myself to cope
I fell in love with every book
that is prison be tied with rope

But pretending creator of universe
In dream I’m riding waves
I wrote Vedas and Bible
Since I left the caves

Getting Sadistic Pleasure

throwing venom of hatred around
mass-murder, bloodshed to plan
Have you seen? a poisonous cobra
coming in the dress of man

to accomplish his wicked idea
takes flag of his religion
No morals, no courage in the heart
vulture kills helpless pigeons

Can't see the pain of crying widows
or helpless kids, he is blind
having a tiny heart of a mouse
no grey matter in his mind

What is compassion? he only knows
how to handle gun and knife
how to capture people for ransom
puts price-tag on human life

how come? he plans to kill in his mind
when active or in leisure
Look at the merchant of blood and flesh
getting sadistic pleasure

A Spiritual Feel!

In the shadow of a Banyan tree
Garlands and tender branches dangled
sound of footsteps on the door of heart
With divine call I am entangled

Lovely cushion bed with the green grass
The tickling drops of dews so small
entering in pores of my body
melodious sound of waterfall

Smiling flowers in blowing cool wind
What an atmosphere with magic!
How come lovely mysterious sound
kills my ego with speech so tragic

Gentle wind murmuring in the ears
Some revealed Mantra from a master
Then explosion in my shaking mind
like invitation to disaster

Bells from the dome of a holy temple
Growing love and peace in heart to heel
A silence pervading everywhere
It is a great spiritual feel!


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