Poetry, I contend, is the original social media.
--- David Erickson

Facilitating Poetic Communication in This Globalized World
It is remarkable how social media is working for poets. Often, when I log in to Facebook and see virtual conversations being carried out in poetry, and that too, some of the finest verses, I feel elated. The flight of the poetic spirit can be witnessed even in the haiku poems that appear in Twitter.
The greatest asset is of course the relationships you build with kindred souls – technology has made it much easier to relate to each other. The platform allows you to create your own page, create events and invite your friends to these. There is no longer a feeling of distancing or alienation. Gone are the days when you needed to travel to meet fellow poets and artists. And considering this has come about within the span of a few years ….
Not only poets, all artists are reaping the benefits of this potential to communicate across borders. It is promoting, connecting and enabling artists to unite on a global level.
The words of David Erickson regarding poetry and social media are very significant. He argues that poetry is the original social media, emphasizing that poetry as social media starts with the oral tradition where knowledge was shared via space and time through oral poetry. Over the ages, poetry has remained a continuous conversation that is so characteristic of the current social network.
Dear friends, let us reflect on the power of poetry to relate, sympathize, empathize, cleanse and inspire. Let the potency of social media facilitate continuous poetic communication for individual as well as social betterment.
Here’s Kritya once again in your hands. Enjoy reading!

Artist of this issue is Anuradha Rishi


Hope to meet you in kritya fest

Jayasree Ramakrishnan Nair


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