A Poem by Roberto Piperno


Cain is not just an other person
narrated in an old story
but he is also told inside us
when the rising envy
burst out in anger
and the desire which devours the others
is a mantis which is mating.

Italian Poem: CAINO

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A Poem Chandramohan S

The Other

n the palette of his hieroglyphic expressions

I decipher a code-book of prejudice

In the archive of exposed crimson veins in his cornea

I retrieve a manuscript of contempt

In the superlative adjectives of his flatter

I discover a verb of deception

In the effervescent smiles of his

I sense a tinge of alienation.

In his adoring synonyms of deification

I deduce a snobbery of denigration.

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A Poem by Hutashan Vajpeyi

Departing Step

As you leave,

I feel empty.

My whole being

has been taken away,

I only feel a strange numbness,

which every empty vessel must feel.

I am filled with a painful resonant sound,

which increases with your every departing step,


to consume me completely.

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A Poem by  Priya Prithviraj


There's a scented silence here,
that's broken only by the ticking of the kitchen clock,
and the sound of rain.
As I sit by the window,
watching drops of rain chase each other
down the windowpane,
a cup of warm tea sits on the table,

A Poem by Gokul S

The Destroyer's question (Rudra Prashna)
How have you been disfigured, oh Prithvi?
Who dis-robed and violated you thus?
Which cruel claws tore your breasts out and sucked
Your warm copper blood instead of your milk?
Where has Devi Saraswathi gone now?
Why does my Ganga flow green and slimy?
Who took you by your hair and gagged and tied
You up and molested you so vilely?

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A Poem by Nasim Malik Sarkar

Geometry of Life

I wanted perfect circles
Which are concentric.
I wanted perfect squares
With four equilateral sides.
I wanted straight lines
That curve not till infinity.
But Oh.. this damn world
Defies every geometric law.
Where are those perfect men
Or women I dream of?
So imperfect, so impure
So vile, so fragile..
Every single moment
Hearts get broken here,
Beliefs change colour,
The living turn dead.
They say, love takes us
Closest to perfection.
But love ascends and descends
Like stock market index..
Life has no affinity to geometry
That's the truth I accept with a sigh


A Poem by   Sanika Bhachandra Joshi

'I '

I reach far and wide
Fill myself to the brim
Of this magical vessel
And then arise above the rim
I arise, your radiant song
a spark of pure golden
and to awaken the sleeping beings
all over do I run
I kiss their dreamy eyes
And then illumine their face
As you create music from my flute
I live in love, in grace
I am but a song
of the flute that you play
And I, the ardent prayer
I, the one who prays
The star twinkling am I
Every life living – I
Yet nothingness is my being
A tear of love from your eye
I dance in the shadows
In morose hearts I sing
I lie frozen in snow of winter
And I bloom in spring
But yet who am I ?
A whirl of time and colour ?
or am I a speck of magnanimity
of world’s endless blur ?


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