Roberto Piperno


I donít hear
I donít hear almost at all the cellular telephone
which does not arrive at the locations
which are necessary to win the
ble e e e s s s
which flood us
all the time
as we are hidden in the certainty
that it is possible always to win
just being practical and kind
and to defend ourselves from the violence
just in all honesty.

Italian poem: AIUTO



I start again to read
poems which are light in the sounds
and heavy in the minds of the hearts
which are burning with fears
and overflowing lonely evocations
of exceeded stories
of a youth which was spent
expecting lighting meetings
which could reveal
what is hidden
in the suffered everyday life.

Never met poetsívoices for comparison
press for differences in images
men and women
who are persevering in biting into food
which has been hunted in past woods
near the borderline on the hidden bank
of the river which makes to flow
the water which enable the life.




One second or rather two are passed
since when I started to write poetry
the is the time of any unforeseen event.

Powerful human beings control the time
with such a willpower and a positive support
that the rhythm of their ambitions
will be gradually respected
and it will increase their convintions.

I am sitting motionless in the old armchair
with my memory twisted in the past
when the horrors of tooo many mistakes invade
forgetting the lights of each day
and the desire of a better perfection
overcomes the pleasure of time
still to be alive.

On foot, cycling
on motorcycle by car
on a tram by train
by plane in a ambulance
in a coffin
to depart and to arrive at the right moment
and time counts and sings
the best results of the whole life.

What really matters
to be peaceful
and to meet with a little success
it is not always arrive on time.
Italian Poem: TEMPO



Even if there is not yet the war
with missiles and with bombs
the daily explosions of
maaachine guuun fiiires
catch us on television
at home while listening quietly
to violent robberies
which are hidden by former connivances
beyond so many ostentatious laws
and the light on the face changes
at the surprise of unexpected names
for the sudden fright of being wrecked
by the fights of those who want to dominate
coming and staying
in the centre of power
with any cost for anyone else
just to exist and to endure
beyond any human existence.

Italian Poem : DOMINARE

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