Sanika Bhachandra Joshi
‘The Friend’

Why cannot I be like you
O dear distant friend
You dance away every step
While I fear for the end

And how can you be indifferent
To the views of the world
When all I do is dig their words
For insults subtly hurled

Insults hurled at my being
Sear me like white hot iron
Yet when they blame you
you shrug and smile at the sun !

How can you swim against the tide
When I cower on the shore
Probably that’s why dear friend
We’re not friends like before

If you’re the sailing ship
I am the rust of anchor
You’re a vibrant mirror of present
I am past’s hazy blur

Bridge that joined us once
I have broken with my fear
I’ve closed doors of my heart
To you whom I once deemed dear
So now on fork of paths
by different ways we fare
for I brood in possible grief
while you say ‘I dare’ !

‘My Love’

As I’m lost in your captivating thoughts
A flame of hope flickers, so bright
So that my eyes close on world
And mind gives me a love filled insight

And pains grip me, heart aches
A longing, a desire kindles in hearth of heart
And I wish the lively ripples on serenity
That pulls the veil apart

You laugh and my heart glows
You grieve and I mourn
Am I, the silent lover
In your soul, a prickling thorn ?

I feel a blow on my being
As I see the pain behind your eyes
That search the unbloomed soul
Which lives in my hidden sighs

When the numbness of cold fear melts
And I feel all cheerful and warm
Your eyes shine with joy
Your smile’s a real charm

If not, do not sadden
Or blaze with anger on me
As love is just a pearl
In the vastness of life’s sea!

Entwine your soul in a soul
And hope for that eternal bliss
Which brightness your life
And calms your death with peace


The sun has set
Past the silvery horizon
And blacks drape the world
With gloomy profusion

My heart is blocked
With veil of dark
As a lost soul on frail boat
Hovering in stormy sea without ark

No will to open my heart
Or listen to heart throbbing cries of past
Only the deep languor
Which desperate mind has cast

Am I a desperate soul
Gulping fortune as it comes to my part
Or have I to create my destiny
And live with all woes apart ?


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