KRITYA--2007- An Introduction

Creativity arises out of the tension between spontaneity and limitations, the latter - like the river banks - forcing spontaneity into the various forms which are essential to the work for art or poetry.
- Rollo May

We believe poetry is more than words arranged in aesthetic form; it is a quality, and a state of mind. And so in our search for poetry we have also looked at visual art, theatre and dance which contain the essential poetic ingredient. And while we ventured forward thus, radical and experimental work came our way from people willing to work for the cause of promoting poetry. As a result of excellent response over the past two years, it was decided to continue the adventure and help establish the Kritya Poetry Festival with voices from different parts of the world as well as from the local community.
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The third edition of Kritya’s Festival of Poetry is scheduled to be held from July 21 to 23, 2007; and this time it’s going to be an International Festival of Poetry. To capture the Festival distinctively, a number of poets and cultural activists from all over the world will participate. To promote the voice of poetry, we are reviving diverse voices in art and culture. Nothing comparable is going on in the south of India. While we aspire to create widespread interest in poetry, we are also putting our emotional and financial necks on the to speak!

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Kritya, has grown and thrived in the last few years in almost every way – there are more events, bigger venues, larger readership and audiences and more awareness --thanks to the faith and hard work of the Kritya team.

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Around 60 poets, from India and abroad will assemble in Thiruvananthapuram  to present their work. Performance poets and artists will add to the Festival's cultural dimensions.

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By Suma V S

Member of Editorial board Kritya cl

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