How can you help us to fulfill our ambitious venture
How can you help us to fulfill our ambitious venture?

This festival will attract many personalities from the fields of Literature, Art and Culture both from India and abroad. So far a good number of foreign delegates and Indian delegates from outside Kerala as well as from Kerala have shown interest in the event and report that they are planning to attend the Festival. It is quite natural that these delegates will be interested in the culture and tourist attractions of Kerala, in particular and India as a whole. We strongly feel that this will be an occasion for promoting Indian culture and give us opportunities to show our literary heritage globally. Kritya has been working for a revival, reiteration and renewal of the five-millennia old Indian culture, exemplified by the energetic projection, development and experimentation in Indian arts and in the confident and creative expansion of Indian languages. We feel that Cultural NGOs like Kritya provides a unique forum to showcase talent on an international level. We invite your support and patronage to help us fulfill our ambitious venture in the following areas:
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1.- By making donations in the name of Kritya

2.- By giving us advertisements

3.- By giving your company's banner to display on the occasion

4.- By putting up a stall of your company's products (preferably books and literature)
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5- By making a Special Display of your items

6.- Note: jewellers can be provided with poetic and artistic displays by Kritya

 Tariff for Advertisement in the Souvenir

1. Page Black White Rs 2500/-
2. Page Colour Rs5000/-

3. Page Black & White Rs5000/-
4. Page Colour Rs10000/-

5. Full Page Black & White Rs 10000/-
6. Full page Colour Rs 20000/-

7. Back Cover ( inside) Rs 25000/-
8. Front Cover (inside) Rs25000/-
9. Back Cover Rs 30000/-

 *Tariff for Banner Display Rs10000/-

 *Tariff for Space for Stall ( 2X1m) Rs10000/-

 *Special Display- Rs 30000/-

 *Poetic and artistic display- Rs50,000/-

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