Conjuring New Universes.

What does poetry mean for the creative seers : Mother Earth and the dark night and planting the tree in the library?

Poetry seeps into the pages transforming images and metaphors ; thus creating new worlds of meaning, sensibilities and being. Poetry also becomes the soul and the mirror image of the poet. The poets featured in this edition become the chroniclers of bringing forth exquisite imagery, of latching and knotting disparate images and more importantly, verses become vehicles of investigating the self: entrenched in the personal that dovetails into the political.

The tentativeness coupled with the deep contemplation of life in the poems provide testimonies of the poets craft, which they locate on a dodgy realm, that at once calls for myriad interpretations and delving through many ambivalences. On the one hand the poet tries to articulate the anguish of living

And Tonight I shall be crucified
And my body survives personified
In the night hawk lost in the light of the day
Awaiting the rise of souls on Judgement Day
To seek me, to find me, to reach me (Bijoy Krishna Handique)

and on the other, the poet seeks absolution of her subjective self by seeking poetry which becomes everything to her.

This poetry is deeply embedded on my DNA, unmistakably in scripted on my finger prints
Poetry is the mirror that reflects my souls, it is the canvas with which I paint
This Poetry is me (Juby Peacock )

Invariably the poets in this edition fathom the different layers of complexities of life through their poems, and use the tool of subversion, dissidence and syntactic wizardry. While they do so, they beautifully weave many universes that charm, shock and amaze us with their limitless creativity.

Let yourself become a container
Like the ancient tripod
Put the world in it.
Let the stars light of the sun and moon
Such as the eternal fire of the day and night
You will smelt a new kingdom (Hongri Yuan)

Babitha Justin

Guest Editor

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