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Eldar Akhadov


The Good and the Bad

The good words and the bad words once met. The bad words were just spoiling for a fight, but the good words wouldn't notice that. How come? The worst words got into a rage, they were shaking fists, crying loudly, hearing nobody around. But the good words were smiling. Then the bad words decided to attack the good ones and beat them. They ran up well... And missed the ears. But the good words remained.

A Wonder with Feathers

Once upon a time, a wonder with feathers was born. Small. Tousled. Everybody had been simply wanting the wonder—the normal, serious wonder. But along came such a thing and with feathers at that. They began to laugh at it. They had been laughing long until they got completely out of breath. And suddenly it started singing. Just then they somehow forgotten that it is small, and they also forgotten that it is tousled, and all the laughing was forgotten as well. In memory remained the wonder only—natural, alive, unique...

Wolf the Rescuer

A wolf grabbed a lamb and began to carry her!.. Each and every wept with adoration. What a fine fellow is this wolf! She would definitely have drowned in the river, if the wild beast hadn't saved her. A real hero!
The wolf got embarrassed.
"No! I'm not a hero. Saving lambs is my duty. I'm not alone in it, there is a big crew of us. This year we already fetched one hundred fifteen lambs, they fall into the river again and again. And we save them again and again. It's only the beginning of the year..."
"And you get them to their home?"
"Of course! Safe and sound. Not a single hair lost. Each saved lamb brings a ten sheep reward".

The Vastness and the Height

The Vastness and the Height once had an argument about whom was better.
"I have a vast soul," said the Vastness.
"And I have a high soul," replied the Height.
"My soul is wide open," continued the Vastness.
"And my soul is sensitive sky-high," persisted the Height.
"I'm everywhere as far as the eye can see!" cried the Vastness.
"It's true. But you are far broader, when looking from my perspective," backed off the generous Height.
Here the Vastness became still. Ashamed.
"Excuse me," she sighed.
They hugged and became endless in all directions.

Two and the Stars

"Who are you?"
"I'm a lord of winds. And you?"
"I'm a king of madmen. Let's be friends!"
So they became friends. And a mad wind arose soon afterwards. But they didn't notice it. They were catching the stars to get them back. Nothing came out of it. But it was funny.

Eldar Akhadov Was born in Baku in 1960. He lives in Krasnoyarsk. A member of the Union of Writers of Russia and other writers 'organizations of Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan, a member of the Russian Geographical Society, a member of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, a member of the PEN International Writing Club. The author of 60 books of poetry and prose. Laureate of the State Literary Prize of the Governor of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district, laureate of the National Prize “Silver Feather of Russia”, “For the Good of the World”, “North is a Country Without Borders”, silver medal of the IV All-Russian Literary Festival of Festivals. Silver medal of the IV Eurasia Literary Festival of Festivals.
His name is borne by two Siberian rivers he discovered. He walked thousands of kilometres through the snow desert. He visited Argentina and China, Greece and Brazil, on the island of Cuba he went guerrilla paths of Che Guevara, sailed on a two-mast sailing brig on the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, worked underground to a depth of 2,200 meters, extracted gold in taiga, gave direction to wells that gave half a billion tons of oil...
Works by Eldar Akhadov were published in Russian in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, the United States, Germany, Israel, and Kazakhstan. His works have been translated into other languages and published in Italy, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Kosovo.

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