I am Kritya. 
The intense word power,
which always moves along with the ultimate truth, which exists completely in accord with rightness.


"Poets are always ready to talk about the difficulties of their art. I want to say something about its rewards and joys. The poem comes in the form of a blessing-"like rapture breaking on the mind," as I tried to phrase it in my youth. Through the years I have found this gift of poetry to be life-sustaining, life-enhancing, and absolutely unpredictable. Does one live, therefore, for the sake of poetry? No, the reverse is true: poetry is for the sake of the life."

--Stanley Kunitz, 1995

Pain and poetry have been interrelated for long time. Sometimes, these words are treated as synonyms. This is very true in Indian literature also. A famous line by the great romantic poet- Sumitranandan Pant goes - "the first song might have come out of sigh".

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Someday, when youíre 1,000 and Iím
The younger babes, the 800-year-olds,
Might start looking good to me.

But none of those chicks has been born yet,
And none of their great-grandmothers,
So for the time being, you can count on me
To go on forsaking all others.

Chris O'Carroll

 earth gave me shade on a hot day,
they beared their fruits and nuts;
as summer and fall were upon us.

in the fall they donned their crimson,
purple and gold coats;
I am remebering the way they sway in the wind.
  Eva Joanne
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The conclusive emergence of Jiibanananda as the greatest Bei poet after Tagore and the most powerful influence on the generation of poets and poetic movements, took place afte death. Although now a canonized figure in the Bengali lit~ pantheon, he did not attain smoothly to this. eminence. Recogn came very slowly indeed. Most critics and fellow-poets, the notable exception of his generous-minded friend Buddha Boseóhimself a versatile writer ómaintained a studied sil about him.

Sisir Kumar Das


It may look as though Rilkeís reputation had not only withstood these hostile decades, but reversed the usual process by turning hostility into unstinted homage.

Rilke among the critics
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Merged in the sky

Suranjana, donít go there,
Donít talk to that young man.
Come back, Suranjana,
On this. night of silvery star-fire;

Come back to this field, this wave;
Come back to my heart;
Donít go any more with that youth
Further and yet more far.

What do you say to him? To him!
Sky behind the skyó You are like the earthís clay today:
His love comes to you like grass.

Your heart today is grass.
Wind beyond the windó Sky beyond the sky.

Jibanananda Das
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I am the Yogi who perceives the Ultimate Truth.
In the Origin of the Unborn, I first gain assurance;
On the Path of Non-extinction, slowly
I perfect my pwer;
With meainingful symbols and words
Flowing from my great compassion,
I now sing this song
From the absolute realm of Dharma Essence.

Because your sinful Karma has created
Dense blindness and impenetrable obstruction,
You cannot understand the meaning
Of Ultimate Truth.
Listen, therefore, to the Expedient Truth.
In their spotless, ancient Sutras,
All the Buddhas in the past, repeatedly
Admonished with the eternal Truth of Karma --
That every sentient being is one's kinsman.
This is eternal Truth which never fails.
Listen closely to the teaching of Compassion.

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VOL - II / PART - I1
(July-2006 )

Editor : Rati Saxena

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