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Love is not a word for a poet, it is not only mere feeling, and it is some thing which is more than life and not less than death. Life and death are not mere words for a poet, they are experiences from which he passes daily. Growing is another form of decaying but these both situations are expresses in words in thousand approaches.

Do words express them self through sound, or colour, smell and feelings also come to help words to reveal them selves?

When sky wants to say goodbye, he are golden colour which spread in sky.

When a tree ask to autumn-how do you? his words change in to colourful flowers

When flowers open there mouth to greet, the words spread becoming the smell.

words are supreme power, the supreme brain and the supreme mine

Modern realistic mind may not like these images,

Let us talk about other images- the blood on the gun of hunter is word,
The sweat dripping from the fore head of the child labor and drop in the corner of eyes of forces prostitute are also words which tell not only pain but death in life.
Word could be a intense quietness, they could tremendous noise.

The interesting thing is to play with these words and convert them in to poems.

Poems are not only words, but life and death falling between the words

Poems are human being along with all living and not living things in this world.

Poems are about every unknown, and above this world.

So, why not we celebrate poems in this cruel time?

Kritya is ready with new set of poetry, to rejoice the word power.

This issue is come out with beautiful paintings of a great artist- Raja Ravi Verma, I am sure that these painting are still talks a lot about them selves through colours.

Same way we are bringing the poems of a great poetess of Sarojini Naidu, She was called bubul of India , because of rhythmic power of poetry and he presentations.

We are going to read different type of poetry in the section “ Poetry in our time”

We are again bringing out a ancient poetry of Indian literature in the section-“our Masters”. The great poet Kalidas’s poetry is golden era of Indian poetry. We are bring some poems from his famouse book Ritusanhar, in which he has explore the love in compare to different seasons. We will continue this poetry in few more issue to enjoy the beauty of every season in a poetic love era. In the section- name of poetry, we will able to read an interesting note about poetry book – one window and eight bars, written by Federico Federici

Friends, we have almost reached at the end of third year of Kritya, I am grateful to all the friends and poets who supported us by supplying us your wonderful poetic senses

With best wishes

Rati Saxena

Please check the announcement for Kritya2008, upcoming poetry festival- kritya2008

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