Shaleen Kumar Singh

Shaleen Kumar Singh is a poet and write, He has • Translated poems of various global poets like Dr. Kazuyosi Ikeda (Japan), Niki Stella (Greece), Jack Baum (Canada), Peter F. Pike (Australia), Rosemary Wilkinson (USA), Adolf P. Schkelov (Russia), G. Mend Ooyo(Mongolia) and Philip Higson (U.K.) into Hindi. Has written several articles and on current legal and social scenario which have been published in local News Papers and Magazines like Amar Ujala, Dainik Prashashan Prakash, Dharmveer Times and many others. • Presently he is editing personalized website

Mute Agony

There are thousands things
Which I see but keep mum.
There are hundreds of events which
I face and don’t say at all
There are enormous pains
I took within my heart
Remain immune to every thing.

It is ungovernable power
Before which we are bowed dawn
It is unfathomed darkness
Where I am lost
I am searching
The cause of my Agony
Soon I find myself
Deluded- dejected- desolate.


To me
You give thousand moments
Of love to ruminate
Multitudinous opportunities to feel
But see me
How unfortunate I am
Who cannot even pay my regards
To You,
When I start thinking of you.
A vast sky open before me
To fly.

A Tribute

Your memories
Ignite my passions
Your thoughts numb
My within
Your words
Torch bear my path
I still search you
In the vast crowd of world
But I know
You’re still beyond my reach
Sometimes you covet me
My desires- But I don’t
Even think of leaving my
Tenacity- Towards you
For You’re
My love-


I search you
In my home
In my rooms, galleries,
Arena and Almirah, books
And in my diaries
And I find you
Smiling everywhere,
My Heart fills with
Emotional ecstasy and joy…
I run faster in the race of life.


Life is a tale
We listen to it and
Leave it saying-“it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound
And fury-signifying nothing.

But ‘No’
It is a song, lyric and a saga.
If we hum it from the lips of
It is an Ecstacy
If we dance in its magnificence-
Forgetting our BEING.
It is an OCEAN
If we plunge into it,
We’ll never find its Bank
Nor its Depth; Nor its Edge,
It is unfathomable

As the Blue SKY
It becomes a flower
If we sow it in the field of LOVE,
It becomes a star,
If we look it into the sky
It becomes a PEARL.
When it drops from the
Tear-laden Eyes of-


I wish to go in the loneliest
Go and drown myself into pain.
I quiver in the deepest agony
I feel myself absolutely helpless.
I behold many pictures mute; yet
Relating stories of shrieks, and sighing.
I keep quiet say nothing, for
It’s against the rules of self-respect.
But sometimes
I weep, I sob, I cry
For I fail to check my emotions.


We’ve become cool,
Cool for Pain, cool for pleasure
Neither we exhilarate in joys
Nor evaporate in sorrow,
Neither we mould ourself according to
The definition of the world
Nor we cut off ourselves from it
We are on the horns of dilemma
Thinking for nothing at all
Imagining for Naught
We hope for the Brightest dawn
But it comes wrapped in yellow
And folded in fog light of Sullenness.


Now we feel no shame
In being Naked.
We have put off all the
Clothes of Culture, Thoughtfulness
And Trivials and trifles.
We feel no wonder
In showing our trueself-
Which is nothing but a
Farse and false.
We have absolutely
Given away our soul
To the buyers of Body.
We’ve purchased
Everlasting foolishness-to
Foster our Being of imitation.
We are Xerox copies of the
Falsity and the unripped in US.


How tedious is the Life
The shores of hope are shallow
And the minds of men are Hollow
Thoughts murmur and quiver within
Show affinity, no any kith and kin.
The paths of delight are untrodden
And Goals and Aims of people are rotten
The faces of World are stricken with awe
The shape of life is rotten and raw
The world is the story of strife
How tedious is the life.


When My all thoughts are parched up
And feelings go dry.
When I search in my memories
The golden rays and silvery nights
Lost in past with you.

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