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The intense word power,
which always moves along with the ultimate truth, which exists completely in accord with rightness.


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Poetry is for life; it can talk about life and afterlife, but should ideally highlight life on this planet we live in. Kabir, a great poet of India, lived in medieval times and talked about the life of the common man as well as the philosophical aspect of life. But all his philosophical poems were used as erotic songs by villagers in their moods of celebration. Thus the common folk adapted philosophy in life quite innocently. As poets, it is our aim to see life in all aspects of life and living beings. That is why, Kritya is always focused on bringing out every issue with rich poems carrying all the colours and patterns of life, as well as every small joy and sorrow. ...

Isnít Nature teaching us to live for others? Donít we poets have an obligation to feel for others, share in their woes and do something to ensure the safety of the precious lives of others?

Rati Saxena

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Inflated colored balls,
Light as air, dance...
Figments of imagination
Set free to roam...
Rises up again
Unable to stay down...

Two children on sand
Not time-driven at all
Lost in their own worlds
Experiences... the first time

shari kadirur

When you made your play
for a married man,
with your combat eyes made up-
you looked in the wrong direction.
Signals were fired-a warning-
from my eyes, if looks could kill.
You took your stance, with your
war-like dance,sending smoke signals
and I could only retaliate.

Mary Bone

senses moisture, Before its thick shell
loosens and germ of the plant within
releases its rest and begins to unravel and unwrap
into light, How deep in the earth
must it burrow. And what of the dry husks
fallen off of the edge of the world?

Kelley Jean White

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Sri Sri is the one who saw the arrival of a new dawn and welcomed it. Poetry is not the love story of kings and queens; poetry is not the balance sheet of the conquest but poetry is about revealing the owes and sorrows in the common manís life and uprooting them totally. This is the belief of the great poet Sri Sri. He is the herald for progressive poetry in Telugu. He thoroughly understood political, economical and social changes that happened not only in India but across the world. These changes brought significant change not only on the individual but also in his poetry. Capitalistic tendency and civilization gradually increased its grip on the people in the world. Mechanical life and ultramodern civilization brought a radical change in the life style of people. Like T.S.Eliot Sri Sri too presented the dull, drab modern life in his poems.

That eveningÖ..
In Rocksy Norma Sharer,
In Brodway Kanchanamala!
The riddle where to go hit the student!
P. Gopi Chand & P. Naga Suseela
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Sofia broke the watches and eternity came upon us,
with its demons and its crickets and its fat tears and all its laziness.
Sofia spells me and mistakes me
sheís drunk and asks about me, and nobody, not even the moon, answers back.
The crystal that covers her refractions me. Iím becoming someone else, Sofia, donít leave me here.
And she sings, removed from her eternity, forever young, like a beautiful dissected tiger
Sheís drunk and asks, sheís mistaken, she spells eternity,
Iím becoming someone else, Sofia, donít leave me hereÖ

You were giving birth and smelling of anis when you played your pieces: black and white, no middle ground. To watch you was my trade.
Dad brought gŁayas from Veracruz. Like kissing his hands, with the same pleasure, you ate. To scrape my knees, my desire was reduced to that.
ROCIO GONZALEZ (Mexican Poetry)

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Thunder strikes like drums.
With rainbow in his hand,
Echoing his twanging bow-string of lightning flash,
And showering sharp drops of rain like piercing shafts. T
The clouds rend as under the love-lorn hearts.


Musically Cackling peacocks
spreading their lovely long iridescent feathers,
kiss and embrace their peahens with honour
and dance with an elegant gait,
                        beholding' clouds in the sky.
The muddy rivers with enhanced vigour,
uprooting the trees from their banks,
go to their lover the Ocean
                         with a furious speed
like immodest wanton women.
Again and again the clouds
roar with an unbearable echoing violent force,
And winds howl in the dark blind night.
Yet a stray streak of dazzling lightning flash
indicates to the lewd dame the path to the renderbous.
Terrible and mighty thunderous roar
             swells from the clouds,
And fills in the lightig - distressed-hearts
spanless unbounded echo's fright.
And young dames in their bed chambers
              embrace their lovers,
forgetting their delinquencies,
as the echo throes their hearts
with an excited zeal.


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VOL -IIi / PART - Xi
(April  2008 )

Chief Editor  

Rati Saxena

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