Ram Mehta

He is a life member of the World Academy of Arts & Culture and attended its convention at IASI, Romania in October, 2002 and 25th World of Congress at Los Angeles in August, 2005. He also attended 4th Encuentro Internacional Literario at Montevideo, Uruguay in April, 2003. He has been awarded the honorary degree of Litt.D -by The World Academy of Arts and culture at Los Angeles (USA), in 2005 (Unesco sponsored) His poems are published in Algeria, Australia, Argentina, Canada, India, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Romania, USA, UK, Uruguay and Zambia.

I want to confess….

I want to confess as I have committed a sin,
Sitting idly in my emotional incapacities
Conscious that this is only television screen.

I see people being butchered like flies therein
Women being gang-raped in large degrees
I want to confess as I have committed a sin.

The school kids getting burnt alive within,
Due to the negligence causing short circuits,
Conscious that this is only television screen.

With mere curiosity I watch each of the scene,
I want to cry, get angry but can’t, my apologies!
I want to confess as I have committed a sin

I am taught not to dwell long on any scene,
As I can view next day’s batch of goodies
Conscious that this is only television screen.

All of my emotions whirled into the screen
Getting a call for hangout from my buddies.
I want to confess as I have committed a sin
Conscious that this is only television screen.

The scenes of Korea

Look there! A newly wed bride steps out
Dismounting from the wedding coach.
The tradition expects the bride to step
On the lid of the traditional huge pot
Before entering into her home-to-be.
The pot being hanged on the threshold.

Look again! Smoke rising off the chimney,
The woman puts the soybean skins in the fire,
‘tak, tak, tak’ sound comes from burning wood,
Now the hearth blazes in flaming red
And brightens the woman’s beautiful face.
Her charms come unbidden
Like a phrase in a sentence.

An old man chanting first to the drums
And the paddy planters sing after him,
Sending the echoes over the Naju plains.
The old man shouts a word of command
And the planters move to the next line.

I hear the famous Hori & Gyeori songs
To converse with Mara and An cows
“Mara is stepping back- A-Ha!!!!
But An is just going slow, A-Ha!!!!
Where are you going cow?
Pay attention to where you are going
Here! Here! Boy, Here! Go straight!
Here, Boy, Here, Ahead we go!!!!!!!”

Thus, the earth is tilled,
The earth makes soft breaking sounds
The cows breathe heavily
The farmer’s song too gets out of breath
The calf feeds on her mother’s breasts
The life on the earth goes on and on..

Naju Plains: The productive agricultural plains of Naju.
Hori and Gyeori songs: There is a tradition of gathering cows with a song.
Jeonggeum-Ri: The most famous songs - Hori Song and Gyeori Song.
Gyeori: The name of a large plow pulled by two cows.
Mara: The right-hand cow in a team of two.
An or Ahn Cow: The left-hand cow in a team of two.
y twenty to thirty performers.

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