shari kadirur


Quickening and slowing
Flow of life,
Seemingly endless
Before my eyes,
Antiseptic walls
Time hanging in air…
Rustling of white
Echoing footfalls,
Life is tackled
One at a time…
Staring at blank walls,
Staring into space,
Staring at the still form,
Life, playing
Many have passed
Many more
In the wings,
Every life cleft...
One must rise,
Other to go under…


Each - an island to himself,
Marooned in his troubles:
Some - remote, desolate, bleak
Withdrawn from prying eyes;
Others - prey to merry-making hordes;
Surrogate joy bringing buoyant moods.

Man, each person- an enigma;
Man's mind, completely unchartered;
Every day is a puzzle to unravel.
In minds myriad caves he hides
His tormenting thoughts
Tearing him in the inside.

In caverns dark, he delves deep;
Solace in his solitude he seeks -
Is he the "he" the others see?
He is one hundred "he-s" reflected
In a multitude of mirror images
distorted and enlarged in other's eyes.


His little body, bending
With accurate aim, flinging,
Stones, skimming and skipping
And into the water disappearing.

The momentary kiss lingering,
And many a ripples remaining —
Memories, the stones creating,
And in their flight celebrating —

Leaning, slanting and aiming,
And in many a positions pelting,
A Huckleberry Finn in the making,
He against conformity avenging…

The little boy trying,
And with every throw improving;
With every try discovering
And confidence in self — evolving.

A Snail's Circle of Reason

Disjoined words and thoughts,
Like snail’s occasional trails,
For me leave — indelible marks;
Notches and marks on mind’s walls.

In the wet grass
And up the blank walls:
Burdened by the circle of understanding
I laboriously crawl.

Draw in, I can for protection;
To search, I have to come out —
When I am entirely free,
It is the shell I leave.

I do not grow old:
Before me my skin sags,
My body wrinkled; ages.
I remain, a child — searching.

I have in me
A hundred “me-s”
Yet another thousand
In others eyes — perceived.

In the moving sands,
And shifting clouds, I search —
Blowing hard at the coal inside,
To find the light within.


Heavens open up — showering
Next year’s abundance in plenty:
Tiny fountains bubbling and bursting;
Dancing raindrops magic creating!

A never satiated earth,
Passionately drinking; and
The silken smooth water caressing
The weathered, earthly being.

Appreciation sprouting in every
Blade of grass; nodding and applauding,
The calmed and cooled spirit —
Celebrating resurrection!

Catharsis time for palm leaf
Every raindrop turned into
Teardrop, silvery and round;
Gently rolling off its face!


Milling multitudes move
Seeking money making modes
Faces half awakened, to work
With lifeless, half eaten souls —
Last month’s sweat proceeds
Not enough, heavy or light
Stretched to this month…
To dark corners desires pushed,
Struck between means and needs…
For Family, fortifications hunt.
Each, a cage do built,
A life time of toil spent —
Time courses without wait…
And sand castles built,
Crumble down in front…
Scrambles to begin anew start —
For tomorrow has another fight.


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