Mary Bone

Her name is Mary {Barrick}Bone and She lives in Wilson, Oklahoma. She is married to Merl, and have three grown children,Cory,Kevin and Natalie. She received her Bachelor of General Studies degree in 2006. She went to school on the GI Bill and finished her degree at the age of fifty, after raising her three children.

I Met God in the Garden

I met God in the garden,
The memory is oh, so clear.
He said my sins he would pardon
and He drew me near.
I met God in the garden
and ours has been a close walk.
A heavy load I was carting
But, night and day we talk.


My feelings for you,
took on a different hue,
when you said we were though.
I could open the door
and get another view-
But, my color would only be "blue."


She sits at home and counts the greens
and hears the clinks of her coin collection,
which is mounting.
A bubbling brew, a broth of sorts,
cooks on a small stove.
She feels content, with no lament.
Every coin is a former token
from a heart that had been broken.

She Devil

She Devil looked at you askance, with a dark, foreboding glance.
You were mesmerized.
I knew you wanted to hold her,
your eyes had a smolder-
of some distant fire.
I wallowed in my mire,
knowing you would eventually tire,
from what she had to offer.

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