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One  Poem by Diti Ronen

First Quarter: Crescent

Once there was no earth, the universe was bare

and all my sides were luminous
and my face was luminous and my eyes were luminous
and the soles of my feet were luminous
and even the spot where the soles of my feet stepped was luminous

And I wasn't capable
of even the slightest waning
of even nearing the awareness of waning
and from the moment there was awareness of waning, waning was formed

Later there was earth
and in the power of its orbit came the crashing sickle
like the falling of the meteor in the Big Bang

And the hour of my birth was the hour of my death.

Translated from the Hebrew
by Rachel Tzvia Back

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Four Poems by Rodrigo Verdugo

                                            Chilean Poet


They embrace even podrir the Sun



It was born of a portrait of fog unmentionable
Waves lit this voracity.
The foundations of the day went on to the blood
The cities remained white Watched the halves
of the same body in different coffins.


SINCE DESPERATE with YOU To Diana Camacho B.

If this night the eternity risks in our blood
And before that I the deciphering covers your body
Do you remember that in spite of only fixing the ardor of a chest to him the forest was ours?

Since desperate with you
The waters turned us indelible
And the days and the nights they are kept as incomplete falls.



Behind of the glasses
I remember my first oncesto with the light.

All that tenian a name of fish deshacian
Never volvio to having the day the depth of a sign.

Of the book " Watched Knots ".


A Poem by  S.Heramb

Some thoughts on ‘thought’.

Thoughts are what we see the world through,
Thoughts are what we think the world is.
Thoughts make us think, the world's changing,
Thoughts are what we all are!
Thoughts create, thoughts destroy,
Thoughts feel, thoughts see,
Thoughts love & thoughts hate,
Thought is what matters,
& all matter is thought!
Thoughts are what we think,
Thoughts are what we feel,
We rise & fall by thoughts,
& rise again ......for thoughts!

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A  Poem  by Gary Langford

Hold You True

Summers sleep on your skin.
You dream of being lifted from trouble land.
Your accounts refuse to empty you.

In your heart is a measurable pain,
one you believed could never be there.
You fiercely rub your forgetful eyes.

I hold you close as I can,
almost as if you cannot be touched.
I will remain a passing thought.

You think you are a dark cloud.
We will split up in lightning, not love,
in the garden of habit.

I am determined to last.
We can never get to know each other,
in spite of being old flames.

You laugh bitterly, frayed and small.
I mostly talk to myself,
sitting with you at the morning table.

You have turned me into a crow,
trying to cut my beak off with a sob.
In spite of the cuts, I hold you true.

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A  Poem by Nirmala Pillai


Dawn breaks-up

The sour curds of grey clouds,

Fuming membranes of sounds

In the city-bowl everyday.

The seepage spreads down

The metal throat of clocks

Metal cocks crowing sunrise.

They grease open my eye lids

Serrate the nerve-ends,

Dragging up the empty eyes.

Caught in a split dream

The Quartz soul chime

A lost rural dream.

May be a real cock-

From the instant building-workers

Adding cells to the octopus city.

Misguided cocks of the streets

Crowing in the small hours

Losing sense of time.

The eternal burning lights

Brightening the sleepless sky

With its noon-glow

Mocking the dandy birds.

To crow at the oddest hours

Without dawn or dusk

Caught in a bad dream.

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A Poem by  Usha Kishore


This woman of the desert,
with bangles sliding on her
shoulders - walks on the

Her anklets whisper sweet-
nothings to gathering
storms; her water pot,
laden with dreams...

The dunes softly echo
aching sighs of lost love;
sands that sing camels
to sleep, rend her heart...

A finger of moonlight, turns
the face of the earth and a
distant oasis shimmers with
a vision from a time beyond...

A song takes wing on a
lone ravan hatha and
fires burn in the horizon -
a voice beckons from afar...

She hears his horse
rearing into the night air -
she is a flame that has
burned brightly for her moth...

His robes rustle in the
passing wind and as she
gathers strength to take
a first glimpse of her

dark eternity in golden
light, her waiting tears
tumble into the cup of
his extended palms...

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A poem by Evan Costigan

An Ode to Rain

what a wondrous state
you are
wrung and wrenched
from ascending air
you gather up
in great blobs, scurry
off gutters and gullies
or fall as an army
of hundreds
and thousands:
angled arrows
that boil, bubble and fizz
an orgy of midges
on this lake's rabid skin
to trampoline out
circular cymbals
to the tune tickled
off eight milk bottles
or a child's xylophone
played low

you spit like phlegm,
teem, drizzle, drip
and drop
splash and shower
but limestone laps
you up

you take shape
in varied vessels,
meanings in coming
contexts - now you
overrun the green
sprung boards
of eucalyptus and I see
bell-bottomed tears;
their transparency blots
then swirls
the inkwell
stain of love.

Evan Costigan is an Irish writer whose work has appeared in Words on the Web, Boyne Berries, Crannog, Revival, Outsider, The Sunday Business Post and The Irish Times.  

A poem by  Sunil Sharma

Tongues Cut Won't Stop Some

Tongue severed



Is no answer

To the questions asked,

My Lord.

Whenever, I will be reborn,

---And sure, I will be reborn---

I will be asking the same

Questions to you

Again and again.

Till the time---

I grow fully


And demolish---

In single sweep,

What is


In us all.

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A Poem by  heidi webb

[untitled, set of three]

and one hollow abdomen
the death of strings
of absent wheat grass
even god could break a promise
for, who can sustain a burning field?
no one can stop all fire
as if fire were the only spirit left
and the ennui covered secret woven maps of war
who would go home to a tomb?
no one calls from a tomb .
there is an end even to light
to a sign's gift of speech


the trees are fremd
as strangers are cool and untouched
as a wilderness might be
so other
is the sky other to the birds?
or contained in it?
the spouse is within the spouse
just as a room contains
its own interior
and a peasant family
the inner land that seeds its own


tell me, how does one guard the light?


Heidi Webb is a human rights activist and poet.

copyright 2009, heidi webb


A Poem by Sonnet Mondal


I watched from my sea hotel sipping tea,

A group of fishermen toiling in the sea-

For the sake of their livelihood-

Which has been passed to them from their parenthood.

Up in the sky a scenery was brushed

By the anonymous evening painter who paints the vast.

All visitors were engrossed gazing at that,

With soundless throats that have been numbed

By the tranquil, enchanting, sketching of Gods thumb.

But it was insignificant to the men catching fishes-

As A Portrait is null to them than Daily dishes.

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A Poem by Maria Elena Blanco


to my husband

personify with you my favorite verses,
for instance, feel my feet like small fish in your hands
while lolling on baudelaire's balcony or watch your icy look as sculpted
by verlaine in nevermore and then, after the storm, tread slowly arm in arm on
the snow along our viennese park with a caressing crunch, like the soft steps of night,
feign to be someone other imagining another you, you whom i would have loved, oh you who would have known it: inevitably, still and always baudelaire, or find you in nerval a gloomy, widowed, disconsolate prince in your abolished fortress, or decadently romantic in azure-haunted mallarme, hypochondriac laforgue
imitating the moon waxing or waning or, height of pleasure, sublimate
quevedo's dust and lie naked, entangled, you the poet, i lysis,
relishing the ash of phoenixes: quincunx, quintessence,
chiasm, to live out vicariously in your tongue the
best hundred poems of the language

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A Poem by Sanghita Sen

Thus spoke Eve…

I was asked not to look at the tree
Where knowledge grew.
The instruction to Adam was also the same.

One day we both touched the tree
Ate the fruit
Received knowledge forbidden.

Adam was banished from heaven
I was banished too.

I was given an additional punishment
Of tremendous pain at childbirth.
In sex Adam was privileged, in spite disobedience
My pleasure followed pain.
I obeyed you -
I obeyed Adam -
For his spared rib.
For seeking the knowledge forbidden
For seeking the knowledge for the privileged
For leading Adam to it.

We both came down to earth
To create a world of our own
On our own.

Our world of togetherness
Our world of partnership
Our world of equality.

With time equality changed into inequality stratified;
Eve, the partner was turned Eve, the subordinate

Adam wanted me not look at several other things
Adam followed the norm created by you.
I made to obey Adam since then.

Eden is no longer mine
And the world belongs to Adam.

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