Sanghita Sen

Apocalyptic Exodus

It is six decades and year one!
The roads were smeared with blood -
Bruised were their minds -
Families left with fewer members -
Those members were killed.

Women - pregnant wife and widow mother
Men - the toddler son and husband
Things - some clothes, few utensils,
             one gold chain and a nose-pin carefully wrapped
             in the corner of a crumpled saree.
Money - a few pieces of paper currency
             Soon to be declared useless like their owners.
Clothes - one coloured saree, the other worn by the wife
             White saree for the widow mother.
             Sarees for the fortunate and the unfortunate
             Sarees that never touched each other
             Were packed one above the other without taboo or fuss
Few shirts for the son
No shirt for the man
Shirts are luxury in forced departures

Land - left behind with ripe cropped waiting to be cut
Fish - left behind in the pond ready to be caught and eaten

The train waits at the station
The train with human shield
The train appears no train
The train turned terminator.

A family was forced a departure
From the land they thought was their own!

A Dream

Breaking the bleak beaks of barrenness
       life unleashes itself.

       Sun still shined
       Earth spinned
       Water flowed
       Birds chirped.

But moon marooned
And stars stopped shivering from afar.

I waited for a glimpse of the known world
of the imagined world
and the world to be.

Existences cease to exist
Words remain
And some dream

The ownership of my words
I bestow upon you.
If they remain
They'll tell you

Once upon a time there was a lass
Who day-dreamt ...


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