Heramb M Sukhathankar is a student of Third year-Computer Science Bachelor's Course studying in D.G.Ruparel College in Mumbai.He is also a amateur-photographer learnt under Prof Shrikant Malushte and a budding writer.His photos can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/8971824@N06 .His first self-published book is now available at http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/world-of-dreams-and-fantasies/7018326.

Thoughts of a mystic.

The world seems like a riddle

Some laugh, some cry!

Nature kills, nature creates and it's all

nature's task!

We write...We speak, claim


Nature's marvel, still we try to grasp,

i have seen brilliance, I have seen

intelligence ,

But i long for things simply brilliant!

They brand me; stamp me, trying

to generalize me!

I feel life is a dewdrop, a minute it lasts!

You may be a hundred years old

But I long for a hundred beautiful


How much, what, life is not a question

or a purpose.

Life is what we think of it!

Thoughts are what are we try create

out of life,

It fools us turning out

something new every time!

Some get disappointed, when they fail,

I laugh till I am dead,

And once again life starts!

My picture.

I see through the lens, I see the soul

I feel it all, in me.

Light and shadow, day and night,

They play with me, through my sight.

When I feel them, then I see them

Then the picture shows what I saw!

Many comment, many praise,

My picture is for me, is still worthy of a


My picture cries, my picture laughs,

My picture shows and my picture see.

I ask my picture, who are you,

It says funnily, I am the rain and the dew,

I am the sunshine & all that you knew!

All you knew, all that you saw,

All that you felt, all that you loved,

All that innocence, all those colours,

The tones and shades, I am all that you

are, master.

I am nothing but you, I am nothing but



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