Nirmala Pillai

She is BSc in Microbiolgy and MA in English Literature. Published two books of Poems and held a number of painting exhibitions all over India. Poems have been published in Indian Literature, Kavya Bharati, PEN, The Telegraph, Asian Age, Femina, Bare root review of Minnesota university etc. Poems have also appeared in various Anthologies.Short Stories have been Published in The Little Magazine, The Heritage Magazine, Eve's Monthly, Asian age, Cha; an Asian literary journal from HongKong etc.



Cracked earth and thirsting rivers sigh,

In memories of a green world.

Tree -stumps raise supplicant arms

To the harsh, blue sky for rain drops.

The skeletal remains are alphabets

of death on the parched earth .

Season of spring and new beginnings;

Season of hope and golden mangoes;

Ripened bananas and golden boughs of laburnums,

Tremble like desires on leafless trees.

Red star bursts of flame- of- the- forest,

Carpeting hills and valley floors .

Season of a thousand divinities

celebrating 'Poorams' across the land,

'God's own country'

where the land becomes the god.

Each family has their own deity,

each man his own god,

the absence of a god is a presence

of one more faceless, bodiless idol ,

in the thick of so many divine presences,

Gods of different shapes and colour;

where even after death,

Man becomes a god in the sacred grove,

a stone ancestor worshipped by all.

Season of golden flames and silver tunes,

Drum beats and clashing cymbals .

The land is a fecund young woman again,

Waiting for sun and rain

to join in a celestial dance.

Passion, slumbering beneath

the skin of green, and blue of sky,

bones of rock and veins of the gurgling rivulets

trilling, for a story, a love story.

The monsoon duet of land and sky

Aria against nature's opera,

Thunder in the heavens

Sizzling tongues of flame

Seize the world in frenzy.

Kerala, shivers and closes her eyes,

whirling round the tiny yellow flowers

swirling about her in the breeze,

her fragrance of jasmine,

Garlands in her hair,

Swathing her,

Coiling round her silken plaits,

Passionate snakes undulate

In the mating dance

In secret rites of their own

Thunderous lips and lightening Smiles

Sheets of water, warm and moist,

Satiate the waiting earth.


An ancient light reads

The hieroglyphs of yesterday-

Eyes were necessary, fingers too.

To play "handmaiden" to light.

The 'bar-codes' stand, black and white

New-age dolmens, simple and straight.

A new now light, man made laser

Braille the spaces, the distance speak.

Emptiness has alphabets,

Light has tongue-

Sans mouth sans eyes sans fingers

The cold metal machines

Do it all for you.


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