Wayne Amtzis

An ex- pat American poet living in Kathmandu www.photo-poems.com

EARTHSONG (a Nepali poem)

Who will tell us
how to wage war

on misery,
to raise the banner of fields

offering their gifts
to all equally? Not the poseur

in the cafe,
or the hack in print,

or the photographer
who knows how much dark

will place
in the best light

the poor man's
pain -- to be seen by all

(to what purpose?)
Nor the "warrior"

who commands his "soldiers"
to break open the pipes

that carry water, precious water,
to the fields and village

for the bombs
that will burst in the landlord's face

None will tell us,
but the one athirst for life

not her own

Who bears, nurses, tends to

and will not break
beneath the backhand of some

smalltime politician
king in-his-castle

drunken or righteous rage.
Who bends to the earth,

with each season's blessing
She will tell us how

She will tell us now
In the dust-blown corridors of power

no one is listening


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