Anita Satyajit

Anita Satyajit is a freelance writer and editor based in Hyderabad. She has been writing non-fiction since the past 13 years, and has been published in dozens of publications in India and the USA. Though she has been writing poetry since she was 7, only recently has she decided to dust the cobwebs off her poetic works and share them with the world. Post a course in Fiction Writing from the University of California, Berkeley, USA, she has now ventured bravely into the bewitching world of fiction and poetry. To know her better, visit her blog:

Remnants of the Night

Crushed mogra on the nightstand
exuding its lasts remnants of fragrance

Bindi bright on your ear,
such an unlikely spot

Crinkled bed-sheets, patterned with bodies
is crawling towards the floor

Bangles on the carpet
ouch, tread carefully as you wake

Sari on the sofa
Gosh, has that cover really torn?

Earring on the coffee table
has the necklace for company

Morning after
I look at myself in the mirror
smudged lipstick
disheveled hair
wayward kajal
One earring
that seems to have survived
our passion in the night

I smile because
I know
I have never felt this beautiful before.

Of myths

Mountains are not built overnight,
but then neither are myths
Tongues take no time to narrate stories
which are woven carefully together into histories

Till, one day, the stories become realities
that haunt,
are used to taunt,
and create many other sagas.

Till the day you decide
to take a hammer,
and break down barriers
created by these tales.
Myths can be broken down.
Well, so can mountains

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